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Hurricane Rita Update - Wed Night

Storm track has a new post up with the latest model of Hurricane Rita. According to that model, Austin will put the 50-100 miles off the center Saturday afternoon. Lets all hope and pray this hurricane fizzles before it hits land. Rita has already been recorded as a category 5 and the 3rd strongest hurricane in the Atlantic. More local info in the extended section.

The Race Track on 1825 that was recently purchased by Texaco has lost it's credit card/debit card system. They claim it's a "glitch" but I would dare to guess that the system has been disabled remotely knowing that people will pay cash for their gas. This helps the station maximize profits as it doesn't have to pay their bank the discount rate for processing cards. Dirty ... but brilliant ... All the local gas stations had lines of people waiting to fill up on my way home from work Local news stations are reporting that stores are running out of disaster supplies. And I was going to buy a couple cases of MRE's last weekend ... wish I had now ... Laurence over at This Blog is Full Of Crap has put up a before/after photo gallery for Rita in Houston. I'm praying the photos aren't that dramatic.

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