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Paul is on a roll

Paul over at WizBang! has been on a roll lately. First, there is this post where Paul attempts to illuminate that personal responsibility should take a priority over reliance on the government. Then there is this news flash where Paul points out the obvious fact that white people were affected by Katrina. Duh!

This prompted me to reply with the following comment:

I love it ... it's sooo classic. Someone shows up and posts lots of tiny little snipey posts. Personal responsibility? Great. Bush is evil. The liberal idealogy of socialism failed? Look at Europe, healthcare is free. Dems love minorities during the runup to an election, but leave them to die when it rains. Oh yeah? Look at the civil rights acts ... so on and so forth.

Not everyone can fend for themselves, and those people must be attended to. Nobody is arguing that. The whole point of this post is this. Don't like your situation? Do something to change it. Don't sit around waiting for the government to make your life better. Do something about it.

In 1998, I was a die-hard liberal working at a topless bar hustling pimps, deadbeats, and strippers for cash. I wasn't happy with my situation, and I did something about it. I quit my job at the topless bar, and went to work for $400 a week at a tiny ISP. Now? I make well above the national average in salary, and still don't have a college degree. How? I did something about my own situation. I realized that the Democrats were never going to do anything substantiative to help topless bar DJ's, and did something about it myself. Now I'm an upper middle-class evil white republican who provides for his own family, and doesn't rely on any government assistance.

When I heard refugees were coming to Austin, I went and donated $1000 of diabetic supplies. Why? Because I was compelled to help. I was compelled by my own compassion for those in need, and empowered by my own fortitude and good fortune.

I believe that the victims of this horrible disaster should look at this as an opportunity. As horrible and cold as it may sound, this is an opportunity. An opportunity to start over, and build a new life. We are all here to help, and want everyone to not only recover to where they were before, but to come out better. Stronger. Happier. More self-sufficient. Take this opportunity for help and make a better life. You survived! Consider it a triumph, not a defeat!

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