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A sensible approach to immigration

Kim Priestap over at Wizbang! wrote up a piece discussing Newt Gingrich's proposed approach to the immigration problem in America today. Check out Kim's piece for a good analysis, and then go read the full piece from Newt. It's no wonder that Newt Gingrich lead the conservative revolution in 1994. This is the exact kind of solution that conservatives are looking for. First, secure the border. Second, ensure that the people assimilate into the melting pot. Third, establish stiffer penalties and true enforcement for employers that hire illegals. Once that's done, then sort out details on a sane "guest worker" type program, and paths to citizenship. I think that if the first three steps were successfully executed, the American people would be much more likely to warm up to the idea of guest workers and paths to citizenship. Without that, I don't see any conservatives getting behind any real change.

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