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Presidential Leaks

You keep hearing a lot about the supposed leak of Valerie Plame's super-secret CIA identity. The latest bemoaning from the left is that Bush not only was aware of the leak, but authorized the leak, and is now caught in yet another lie. I think Bush's position on this has been pretty constant. There was no leak, it wasn't confidential, and nothing illegal happened here. The new information from Scooter Libby only supports Bush's previous claim that it wasn't a leak and nothing illegal happend.

What really gets me is that you didn't hear complaining from Democrats when President Clinton leaked letters from Kathleen Willey during one of slick willy's endless sex scandals. You didn't even hear Democrats complain when a federal judge said that "The president committed a criminal violation of the Privacy Act," and that his court "cannot accept or condone this unlawful action."

When a leak defends Clinton from "Legal Jousting," Tom Daschle says "I believe him period." When Bush defends himself against baseless claims about the decision to go to war, Howard Dean says "The fact that the president was willing to reveal classified information for political gain and put the interests of his political party ahead of Americas security shows that he can no longer be trusted to keep America safe." Classic.

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