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Today's Buzzword: Mexitude

I found a post on Michelle Malkin's blog today that talks about another hysterical school Principal banning the display of American patriotism. Over at Freedom Folks, they are calling it Mexitude.

Mex-i-tude The de facto control of social and political policy by illegal aliens.

Think dhimmitude, but substitute Colorado for Kandahar, and La Raza for The Religion of Peace.

I think they've hit the nail right on the head. In today's society of multicultralism, even showing patriotism for your own country is now taboo. I thought that was the whole point of America. Everyone coming here to be one people. Not Mexican-Americans, African-Americans, etc ... Americans. How many people have you met who call themselves "English-Americans" or "Euro-Americans"? None. Because most immigrants from western countries assimilate, and consider themselves American. That's the point. The melting pot.

Jay Tea over at Wizbang is calling these non-immigrants colonists. Spot on brother, spot on.

If you're interested in contacting Myla Shepherd, the hysterical principal discussed here, she can be reached at:

Myla Shepherd , Principal
Phone: 303-428-9533

Taken from the Shaw Heights Middle School website: http://shaw.adams50.org

Say cheese!


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