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National Day of Boycott

God Bless America where even those who come to this country illegally are allowed to express their opinions in non-violent demonstrations. Stand up for your rights...er or what would be your rights if you joined instead of tagged along. On this memorable day as I sit in my office attempting to build houses and improve our economy lets thank those who really are doing well today, or better yet tomorrow. The Press. I guarantee that newspapers around the country will be sold out tomorrow as Pablo and Paco attempt to find their picture on page 11B where they were flipping the bird at the camera.

How does this boycott affect me as a business man? It has no more affect then Cinco De Mayo which incidentally is Friday. It may be a slow week at work but I have a peaceful couple of days without Tejano music.

How does this boycott affect me personally? Well my neighbors started their protest last night at about 8pm. After a couple of hours though I had enough of their loud protesting via Tequila and Tejano and asked them (nicely) to turn it down and continue with their protest today. They were more then willing to comply because they think I am a "Loco Gringo". Speaking of Tequila, out of curiosity I stopped by the local grocery store and noticed that the cheap beer was completely sold out. That will show the beer industry. I also had to forgo my morning breakfast taco. I stopped by a fast food place instead and the person on the microphone actually spoke English. Imagine my surprise. My wife will have to mow our lawn today, I will supervise from my easy chair. I know that it will not be as good a job, but she needs the practice.

Enjoy your day of protest my down trodden, Hispanic Brothers. Stick it to the man. However, don't expect any overtime on your check this week and don't bitch about not getting paid for taking a "personal day". See you on Tuesday when you get your @$$ back to work.

Viva La Mexico

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