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Digg This: Conservative Digg Mania

Michelle Malkin is on the Digg bandwagon. She has added Digg buttons to all of the posts on her blog. It has inspired me to do the same. A few quick changes to my MT templates, and there they are. You should recognize the Digg icon down there right next to the permalink and such.

I was starting starting to get annoyed with the politics that kept showing up on Digg, but with the most recent software release, they now have their own category. Even so, politics still manages to find it's way on to the main technology page when some dim-wit liberal makes an over-reaching analogy. Just because someone running for Senate has a podcast does not mean that a link to his campaign website goes in the technology section. Now that there is a dedicated politics category, it's time for us conservatives to take over! Digg the conservatives!

It's not proper "Netiquette" to Digg yourself, so do me a favor and Digg this post!

BTW -> I got the first of my KeepAustinCorporate.com T-Shirts in today. Check it out beneath the fold.

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