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Firebomb in the Lab

Ok it is story time! Yeah! This is my first post here, so I will do my best to entertain. A few weeks ago I had the grand opportunity to interact with a PETA supporter. A situation that is always good for some fun. I noticed this young, college aged girl was wearing a blue wrist band that proclaimed her support for the tax exempt, terrorist organization while I was drawing her blood at the lab I work at. Since I was at work I could not just beat her about the head with raw meat like I often do with PETA supporters.

I had to employ a bit more tact or risk loosing my source of income. (how I wish I had seen the Peta booth at the NIN show) So with a devious grin I asked her if she was a vegan right before I poked her. She gave me a puzzled look and promptly replied "no, why do you ask". I waited until I had removed the needle from her arm before I continued. "well according to the dogma of PETA member and the fact that you are wearing one of their wristbands, I would assume that you were vegan", I said as I placed the contaminated needle into it's proper receptical. "Well, I...um...I just don't like fur, I it is not an all or nothing kind of thing." she said with the trepidation of a deer in headlights. "Oh, I see" I said, halfway considerig letting her off at that. But my dark side got the best of me and I had to push forward. So I baited her with a question. "So how much did you pay for that wristband...a buck or two" I implored with an impish grin spreading from ear to ear. Without waiting for a response I continued on by asking her if she knows who Rodney Coronado is. "um...no" she replied while inching towards the door. "Well my dear, Rodney Coronado is a man who firebombs medical laboratories in the name of animal rights. And PETA pays his legal bills." "Oh...I didn't know that" she bashfully replied. "Do you know that this is a medical laboratory?"


I find it amazing how many people out there just pick a cause they know nothing about, and claim to support it. Not realizing that their actions go completely against what their chosen cause "stands for".

Based on your comment here and this blog entry I have concluded that you are a waste of oxygen. You don't have the slightest clue what you're talking about but that doesn't stop you from claiming that you know everything because you read someone else's uninformed stupidity. Good day.

Wow. That's a very thoughtful and informative reply. I'm not sure how to respond to such a comprehensive presentation of the facts, sound logic, and strong integrity.

Here I go again feeding the trolls ...

Perhaps if you had taken the extra half of an ounce of observation, you would have noticed that I didn't write this post, although it is in my blog, and I agree with it's content wholeheartedly.

That said ... there is no reply to your message, as it is without substance, tact, or intelligence. If you care to read up on the facts and have a real debate, come on back anytime.

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