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Bug the Loose Lips and Plug the Leak

I was reading a blog post from Michelle Malkin today which gave me a great idea. According to the Plaintiffs in the TSP lawsuit against the US Gov., the Plaintiffs who had previously been able to freely contact numerous known terrorists are no longer able to contact those people because the TSP is now public news. I think we should use that to our advantage.

Since these people have now admitted in court depositions to be known associates of terrorists, I think we have a case to go to FISA for full wire-tap warrants on the Plaintiffs. We can use the legal pleadings filed in court as evidence that should provide more than reasonable cause for a basically limitless wire-tap warrant against these journalists, and maybe even anyone they work with. All we have to do then is to "let it leak" that the TSP has been stopped dead in it's tracks by the Bush administration as a result of the recent ruling.

Problem solved. The terrorists start colaborating with the NYT, and others, and we get a new source of intelligence that even the staunchest of moonbats can't take away. Brilliant!

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