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More Evidence in Favor of Personal Responsibility Law

An article in Wired News today has confirmed my idea that what America needs today is a personal responsibility law. The Wired article talks about a case that was overturned today where a family was awarded $135M to be paid by a company named Aramark that served alcohol at a 1999 Giants football game. The Plaintiff's argue that Aramark was at fault for continuing to serve beer to Daniel Lanzaro, after which he continued to drink at two more bars before crashing into a car which 2-year-old Antonia Verni was riding in, paralyzing her from the neck down for life.

Don't get me wrong here ... I'm not defending the actions of a drunk driver ... quite the opposite. I think the drunk driver is the person at fault here, and Lanzaro should be held accountable, not the company that sold him the beer. Lanzaro is the one who continued to drink. Lanzaro is the one who got behind the wheel and almost killed that little girl. What about Lanzaro's friends? Was he alone at the game? Why not sue the friends? What about the car manufacturer? Shouldn't they have put safeguards into the car to prevent Lanzaro from driving drunk? What about the police? Shouldn't they have setup a roadblock outside of the game to screen for drunks? Where does it end? If you ask me, it ends where it started. With the drunk asshole who almost killed a girl, paralyzing her for life. It ends with him.

I think that instead of turning America into a euro-weenie nanny state, we should go the opposite way. We need to bring back responsibility, and I think America needs a personal responsibility law. You kill someone driving drunk, you pay the price, not the bar. You build a bomb and blow it up, you pay the price, not Home Depot. You go postal with a gun and kill people, you pay the price, not Winchester. It's very simple folks. You're reponsible for your own actions, and you alone are responsible for making restitution to society. Period. You fold your baby up in a baby stroller, it's not the companies fault for not putting a warning label on the stroller. You're an idiot, and you're responsible. It's that simple.

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