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Big Speech From President Bush

President Bush just finished another speech about the GWOT and revealed a few bombshells:

* The secret CIA detainee program is real, and is lawful
* Several key people involved in 9/11, USS Cole, and African Embassy attacks having been previously held by the CIA have now been transferred to Gitmo
* CIA program and associated interrogations have help stop several terror plots in the US and UK
* All CIA detainees have either been released back to their home countries for prosecution, transferred to Gitmo, or released. (Fox News just reported that 14 high-value suspects have been transferred to Gitmo from the CIA program)
* CIA program will remain in place for future detaining
* President Bush has not authorized torture, will not authorize torture, and does not support it. (Referred to McCain ammendment #1977)
* The US Army is issuing new field manuals today to interrogators with new interrogation rules
* Called on Congress to enact law to protect interrogators from Geneva Convention article 3 lawsuits, specifically authorize interrogators under article 3, and define legal interrogation techniques

Additional coverage over at Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, LGF, Wizbang!, and Protein Wisdom.

I'm waiting for a transacript to go up, and when I find it, I'll post an update.

UPDATE: Full transcript up on The White House Website

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