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Dumb & Dumber


If only we could get Grandma to join the picture, the dumbshit trifecta would be complete. Kinky has decided to team with Jessie Ventura in an effort to breathe life into his dead-on-arrival run for Governor, partially in response to criticism over a racist comment he made over a year ago when he said that rapists should be put into prison and forced to"listen to a Negro talking to himself." He was also accused of racism when he called the Katrina evacuees in Texas "crackheads and thugs." Considering the fact that his new pal looks like a crackhead thug, Kinky should think before calling the kettle black, or at least own up to being a bigot.

His comments don't bother me ... what bothers me is the pass he gets in the media. Can you imagine the fallout if Perry had said this? People would be marching in front of the capital demanding his resignation, criminal charges, and lawsuits. Kinky gets a couple questions where he responds by basically saying "it's a joke ... get over it" and everyone just accepts it and forgets it ever happened.

I'm just sick of this two-faced bullshit from Kinky. He tries to play both sides of the political fence, ensuring he would have zero political allies if he was elected as Governor. How could he ever get either party to back any initiative when he would be constantly on the TV calling people names, making jokes, and talking trash about both parties. The truth is he would be the lamest duck in the history of politics.

And don't even get me started on the cigar thing ... Freud is often credited as saying "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" but I think that sometimes a cigar is a penis. Considering Kinky's position on gay marriage, I would believe the latter.

Yahoo! has more photos of the dipshit twins in action if you need a good laugh.


Jesse Venura offers to waterboard Dick Chaney on Larry King Live:

Protesting Waterboarding by Requesting to Waterboard?

I am amazed at how Ventura totally misses the irony of talking about how waterboarding can become murder while requesting to waterboard Chaney. While admitting that he now lives in Mexico?

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