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How Senator McCain Supports Torture of US Military

A new article up at Townhall called "Aiding and abetting"by Carol Platt Liebau talks about how US Senators McCain, Graham, and Warner have stabbed the President in the back by helping to defeat the President's interrogation bill in committee, how they have handed terrorists rights they do not deserve, and what it is doing to hurt the war effort. I think she has missed one very important thing.

Senator McCain was a US Navy pilot during the Vietnam war. He was shot down over Vietnam in October of 1967. During his six years as a POW, he was repeatedly beaten for refusing to sign various pieces of NVA propaganda. This illegal and in-human treatment has forged Senator McCain's opposition to even the most vague terms of interrogation, such as "degrading treatment." How does this encourage the torture of US military personnel? It's simple. The obvious conclusion here is that if you torture enough captured US military personnel, they may help persuade the US government from doing far less, thus giving you an edge in the intelligence side of the war, with very little effort.

I believe Senator McCain should be removed from the discussion of enemy interrogation as his own past experiences have clouded his judgement. It would be the same concept as removing a police officer from a case involving violence against a family member. There is too much bias there preventing true objectivity, as is the case with Senator McCain.

Additional coverage at Wizbang! and Confederate Yankee has some rather graphic photos up of the interrogation techniques Senator McCain is opposing.

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