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Remembering Cono E. Gallo


As part of the 2996 project, I have posted a memorial of Cono E. Gallo. One of the souls lost on September 11, 2001 in the World Trade Center attacks in New York City, New York.

Mr. Gallo was a married, 30yr. old commodities broker with Carr Futures at 1 World Trade Center in New York City, New York. He had just returned from a vacation in Jamaica with his wife a week before the attacks.

I have managed to find a few tidbits of information about Mr. Gallo on the Internet. Several 9/11 sites are all tied up today, so I have included snapshots of some of the info below:


Ocho Rios Memories

A grand time is the only way to describe Cono Gallo's Jamaican vacation with his wife the week before the World Trade Center attack. There the two were, holding hands while climbing Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios. A reggae dancing contest? Mr. Gallo went at it solo, and was the runner-up.

The Gallos, both 30-year-olds from Maspeth, Queens, clinched a "Newlywed Game"-like couples contest at their vacation resort by giving the same correct answer to every question. (The two had been married for five years.)

What's your wife's bra size? Mr. Gallo, the contestant, was asked. "Usually a 38C," he answered, "but sometimes a 36D depending on the style of the bra."

"It was exactly right," said his wife, Vicki Nita-Gallo, a kindergarten teacher. "He had the audience hysterical. They thought it was so cute. He really paid attention to details. That's what is so fabulous about him."

Mr. Gallo, a commodities broker with Carr Futures at 1 World Trade Center, was caring and selfless, his wife said, and he believed in a true partnership. There he was, "always by my side" when she was sick, she said. And there he was again, helping out with with her Avon side business.

On the eve of Sept. 11, Mrs. Nita-Gallo left a bag full of Avon hand lotion, lip gloss and other products by the door for him to take to her customers at his office. The next morning, Mr. Gallo, who started work at 7:30 a.m. and left the house while she was still in bed, picked it up on his way out, happy to distribute the orders and collect payment.

"Everything was teamwork so we could go out and enjoy ourselves," Mrs. Nita-Gallo said. "We completed each other."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on December 12, 2001.


Although I didn't know you personally, I have known your family for years. I am a lifelong resident of Greenpoint, and have eaten in the family's restaraunt on many occasions. My family and I keep you and your family in our prayers. May God hold you in the palm of His hand, and guide the Gallo family through these dark times. May God bless you all. John Luckey, friend

As someone who has lost a sibling, I know your sister and family misses you very much! I hope you have joined your loved ones in Heaven and all your suffering has been left behind.
Diane Alfieri, family friend


Cono E. Gallo

An Avid Traveler, He And Wife Were Quite a Pair

December 17, 2001

Whether it was Gomez and Morticia, cowboy and cowgirl, or female warden and her prisoner, every Halloween, Cono Gallo and his wife, Vicki, dressed as a pair at their annual party. But even in real life, they were partners to the end.

"Everything big involved teamwork," said Vicki Nita- Gallo. "The two of us were true partners, 50-50."

Gallo, 30, and his wife had arrived home from a Jamaica vacation just two days before he was lost in the World Trade Center attacks. A commodities broker at Carr Futures in Tower One, Gallo went to the office Sept. 11 to cover for a co-worker, despite his wife's pleas for him to take some extra time off.

The night before, the Gallos, of Maspeth, had visited their parents. Everyone commented on how happy they looked. "We were just at our peak of happiness," his wife said.

Though they had attended the same high school in Queens, the two were only acquaintances in their graduating class of 700 students. They later met at a birthday party for a mutual friend, dated and married in 1995.

They did everything together-chores, exercising and their favorite pastime, traveling. They had visited Gallo's extended family in Teggiano, Italy; they honeymooned in Hawaii, and they went to San Lucia, the Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean and the Bahamas.

On their recent vacation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, they had planned to renew their vows, but it was too late to make the arrangements. Instead they entered a "newlywed" contest and took the first-place prize of Jamaican coffee and rum. They called each other "Munchkin" and acted mushy in public. And they agreed on names for their future children: Christian for a boy and Julia for a girl.

-- Nedra Rhone (Newsday)


Cono was a great man. He was the kind of guy who could put anyone at ease in just about any situation. The thing I remember most about my friend was his smile. He seemed to never be without it. He is and will be sorely missed by everyone he knew. Cono and I used to drive the same route to the train station in the morning. He was going to school with another friend, Chris, and I was driving my future wife to work. If there ever was a day when the traffic was real heavy, he would see me and then offer to drive my fiance the rest of the way so I wouldn't be late for work too. Just the little things like that made him special. When I had my oldest daughter christened, Cono's family opened their restaurant which was normally closed on Sunday, strictly for my family. We had the best time. Thank you Cono. I count myself lucky for knowing you, even though it was for a short time. You are remembered and sorely missed.

*** Posted by Tim, Lisa, Rebecca, Erica and Alyssa Sullivan on 2006-04-01 ***

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