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Whiny Digg User Takes His Ball and Goes Home

According to a post at NeoThoughts the #1 Digg user X-P9 had a whiny fit after Digg founder Kevin Rose posted a reply to the current kerfuffle about Digg users who manipulate Digg to get the most stories promoted to the front page. (notice that each of those previous links is different) The whiny punk opines:

Dear Mr. Rose: So all of a sudden, my use of the BUILT-IN functionality of Digg amounts to gaming? --snip-- As a direct result of your blog this evening. I will no longer no supporting Digg going forward. I bequeath my measly number one position to whoever wants to reign.

Measley indeed ... Look dude ... you got back exactly what you were paid ... nothing. Digg is intended as a casual website where people can post random stuff they find, others can rate it, and if it gets enough support, it gets highlighted. Nobody asked you to spend endless amounts of time and go out and submit over 1500 links, of which 688 were eventually promoted to the front-page through your network of friends and cronies. You've missed the point dude, and nobody feels sorry for you. If you think you're so bad-ass at finding stuff people are interested in, go setup your own Digg, Fark, or whatever you want to call it, and put Mr. Rose out of business the capitalist way by beating him at his own game. Other than that ... STFU and go away. Thanks for playing!


I think the best part of his rant is:

"and then tossed to the side by a Digg team that values toilet paper with more worth than the core users that feed this site it’s content every day."

Who are these "core" users anyway? I guess he's admitting his elitism, and the fact that a handful of people are running the show.

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