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Wonkette hits bottom, digs deeper

Looks like things are going so poorly for the libs right now, Wonkette and that moonbat professer of ignorance Eric Muller have resorted to attacking Michelle Malkin over an article she wrote yesterday calling out Charlotte Church for going from wholesome to whore almost overnight. They claim that Michelle is a hypocrit because they have a photo of an Asian woman that may resemble Michelle (which they claim -*is*- Michelle) in a bikini, in a kitchen, wearing a t-shirt half pulled up.

Now ... let's put the whole issue of whether or not the photo is bogus or not on the back burner for a second. What about this photo would make Michelle a hypocrit even if it was real? She is in a kitchen ... wearing a bikini ... Oh ... and her shirt is half pulled up ... What's the problem here folks? Is she doing a line of coke? Chugging a beer bong? Is her bikini top pulled up? .... hmm ... nope ... I don't see what the problem is here.

Michelle didn't criticize Charlotte Church for wearing a bikini and a t-shirt half off did she? Nope. She criticized Charlotte for changing from a wholesome, respectable woman, to the exact opposite. If Charlotte had alwyas been a complete waste of humanity, we would come to expect it. What is at issue here is that she went from being wholesome, to something opposite.

And lets just suppose for one minute that the bikini photo is real, and that it's worse. Wouldn't the fact that Michelle is now a very respectable woman who has made herself -*better*- make her more of an example of how one can improve themselves, rather than waste away as Charlotte has? I think so.

And you know what Michelle's response will be to all of this ... Lan astaslem.

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