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BREAKING: Small plane crashes into building in NYC

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*** Scroll down for updates.

The FAA has reported that a small aircraft has crashed int a building. According to the "eye-witnesses" that they have been interviewing on Fox News a small plane appeared to either "dip a wing" or "perform some kind of acrobatic maneuver" ending up crashing into a building.

Initial assesments on the ground are presently that this was an accident, and not a terror attack.

The FAA has established a 1-Mile no-fly zone in a radius around the crash site. I just heard someone on Fox News say that this shouldn't interfere with commercial flight traffic in/out of New York.

NORAD has issued an alert that fighter jets are in the air over various cities in the US, although their opinion presently is that this is an accident. ( A quick look in the sky from my office shows no planes over the portion of Austin that is visible )

Kim Priestap is on the case as well over at Wizbang!

I will post updated info as it comes in.

UPDATE: Fox News is reporting that Laguardia is currently having "gate hold" delays for several flights from 20-30 minutes and increasing due to the plane crash.

A lot of people are making the obvious reminders of 9/11. We are only 30 days out from the 5th anniversary, and it's just too close not to rattle people.

UPDATE: Fox News is reporting that a man was "taken down" by several police officers for reportedly attempting to get into the building to rescue his "pregnant wife" Lord have mercy. Fox News is now reporting that this person was a "UN Official"

UPDATE: Fox News is reporting that there are two confirmed deaths.

Ms. Understood has video from Fox News.

UPDATE: Fox News also reported that the DJIA had a quick dip by 70 points, and has recovered almost completely.

UPDATE: Allah is on the case as well. Lots of good commentary.

UPDATE: Fox News is now reporting that this was a "Luxury" appartment building.

The image above is a snapshot I just made of the building from Google Earth. You can view the building and surrounding areas also at Google Maps. The address I have for the building is 524 E. 72nd St. New York, NY.

UPDATE: Allah is reporting that The aircraft was a Cirrus-20.

UDATE: You can view a live video feed from WNBC at http://mfile.akamai.com/12913/live/reflector:45117.asx

UPDATE: The confirmed death toll has increased to 4. Two in the planes, and Two on the ground. Keep their families in your prayers.

UPDATE: According to Fox, two local New York stations are reporting that the plane may have been owned by a Yankee pitcher. Fox reports that calls to the Yankees were referred back to the FAA.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the New York Times showing Cory Lidle outside of his Cirrus S20 plane, which fits the description thus far.

UPDATE: If Cory Lidle was indeed flying this plane when it crashed, it may be a horrible case of history repeating itself. Yankees captain Thurman Manson died in 1979 piloting a similar small aircraft. There is a good article on Thurman Manson's last moments on the Daily News site.

UPDATE: Fox News is reporting that this plane was in fact Cory Lidle's plane.

UPDATE: Fox News now confirming that according to ESPN, Cory Lidle was in-fact piloting this plane when it crashed, and is confirmed dead.

UPDATE: Below is a screenshot from the NYTimes article, just in-case they take it down.

UPDATE: There are now reports that Cory Lidle's passport was found on the street.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the FAA registration of the plane involved in the crash. The N number is N929CD as reported by the NTSB. According to the registration, the plane is a 2002 Cirrus SR20 fixed-wing, single-engine aircraft registered in Florida.


It brings bad memories though... Anyway, I do hope that New Yorkers are more precautious now. It's incredible how being proactive and carrying a simple Breath of Life emergency escape mask can save your life in a situation like this.

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