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Fortune cookies as political ads

I ate at the Buffet Palace today at 183 & Lamar, and on the back of my fortune cookie, instead of Lotto numbers, it read:

Vote Nov. 7 for Prop 4 Invest in Austin's Creative Community

No mention of who paid for this political ad, what Prop 4 is, or anything else. I googled around a bit and found a website that talks about Prop 4 (No free bandwidth for you).

As far as I can tell, it's about $32 Million for a whole bunch of minority art projects.

Putting the whole issue of the merit of Prop 4 (which I oppose) aside, I do believe you are required to indicate who paid for a particual political advertisement.

I am going to look into this more ... I may post a scan of it later tonight.

UPDATE: It's legit. Look for yourself over at: http://www.ethics.state.tx.us/pamphlet/G03polad.htm

I wrote an email in to the PAC that's supporting prop 4, and have been told that they didn't sponsor the fortune cookies, just in case anyone is interested.

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