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My election day prediction

Online punduts are throwing out their election day predictions, so here is mine. If I'm wrong, I'll leave it up for all to see, but I think I will be close.

Republicans keep the House and the Senate. The write-in campaign will work for Shelley Sekula-Gibbs in Texas-22, Tom Delay's seat. Enough Republicans will punch Foley for Negron, and Negron will take Florida-16. Steele will take Maryland over Cardin. Talent will narrowly defeat McCaskill, and Corker will dominate Ford.

The Senate is a lock, but I think we are going to just squeak by in the House. The thing that's going to suck the most is the lawsuits that are sure to follow ... The ads will be gone from the televisions, but the overblown legal drama will take their place.



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