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Time to pay the piper

My predictions yesterday were hit and miss, with the big miss being the Republican loss of the House, and potential loss of the Senate, pending outcome of two more elections (and recounts most likely.) This is not to mention the recounts that will probably happen in Virginia, and the massive absentee ballots that have to be counted in Maryland. Steele is holding on to hope, but we will have to wait and see.

Everyone in the world with a blog is putting up their take on everything. Some good places to look are: Wizbang!, Radio Equalizer, Hot Air, LGF ... There's a bunch. Here's my $.02

The Republicans have lost their way, and forgot to pay the piper. The piper showed up and trotted off enough voters to jump off the cliff and put Nancy Pelosi into the speaker's chair. As others are saying, it's time for the GOP to get back to it's roots, and regain their lost values.

I'm not worried. As a couple others are saying, I believe this loss will make it easier in 2008 for a fresh, popular Republican candidate to retain the Presidency. The dems made lots of promises in this campaign, and as Baldwin put it " ... it's fuck or walk ..." time for the dems. Now it's their term to hold up to all their insane promises, and suffer the consequences. It's really a lose-lose situation for them. If they don't proceed with Bush impeachment, investigations, subpoenas, withdrawal from Iraq, and everything else they promised, the gains will be short-lived.

Many of the seats the dems gained this election were the direct results of scandals and other gaffes. That won't be true in 2008, and if the Republicans can get back to their core values, these seats will come right back.

I heard one commenter from the Institute for Politics this morning on Fox News comment that he was glad the dems won, because it would mean political gridlock, and less government action. That's a very valid point. The dems have set the bar extremely low for what kind of obstructionist behavior is acceptable to stop legislation, and if the Republicans sink even part of the way down to their level, nothing will get accomplished. If you couple that with the incredible unlikelihood that the dems could gather enough votes to overwrite a Presidential veto, and you get a lot of noise, but very little action.

The dems may be able to put on a good show for the next two years, but I wouldn't count on many of their agendas actually having any real impact in the direction of the nation.


Time to pay the piper indeed.

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