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Firefox changes open dialog behavior yet again

I previously wrote an article regarding Mozilla Firefox no longer allowing one to "Open" files that are clicked on. In that article, I described a small hack that you could use to change the behavior back.

Mozilla released version of Firefox, which included several bug fixes, including bug #347230.

Bug #347230 included a patch that overwrites my workaround.

The new code you will find, is at Line 385 in nsHelperAppDlg.js:

      if (shouldntRememberChoice && !this.openWithDefaultOK()) {

If you want to re-enable the workaround, change this to:

      if (shouldntRememberChoice && noDefaultApp && false) {

If you want to be able to directly launch executables, also look for the following around line 551:

        return !tmpFile.isExecutable();

Change this to:

        return true;

After that, the behavior goes back to what it used to be before the Mozilla developers decided they are smarter than us lowly users who need protection from the big bad Internet.


Sweet. I would break out in song and proclaim "Did you ever know that you're my hero?" but I think that would lead to discomfort all around. So I'll just say thanks. :)


will take a look ! thanks

You know you can also use this for the if...

if (false) {

Since "anything and false" is always false.

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