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NRA Starts Chipping Away at Rudy

When I started hearing the first rumblings of a Rudy Giuliani Presidential campaign, I said one thing ... "He won't survive the NRA" ...

According to a new post on NRA-ILA today pointing to an article at TownHall by Jacob Sullum discussing Rudy's weak support of the 2nd amendment.

It's about time Rudy's weak support of one of our most important rights is coming to the forefront. I can only hope that this attention will focus as we get closer to the primaries. If the NRA launches a full-blown anti-Rudy campaign, he surely won't survive.

I think a lot of Conservatives are still waiting for a -*real*- conservative candidate to step forward. I've sent a small amount of money to Mitt Romney's campaign, but stopped the moment I heard about Fred Thompson. I agree with Kim Priestap @ Wizbang! and Allahpundit @ HotAir that his revelation of cancer today is a strong sign he is going to run.


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