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This is going into my next requirements document

From Scott Adam's latest post on the Dilbert Blog: Outsource the Government:

Q. Is it okay if I offer an objection to this plan that demonstrates my poor reading comprehension?

A. I'd be disappointed if you didn't.


Scott Adams loves to post wildly snarky articles on his Dilbert Blog, and in the post, ridicule and poke fun at the people who post responses that have very little, or absolutely nothing to do with the article in question.

Some good examples of this are his recent posts about the debate over copyright law. Including great quotes like:

4. But since I know I am a good person, my reason why it's okay to violate copyright laws is (insert something absurd).
You may now activate your cognitive dissonance and explain in the comments that every time you violate a copyright, the free publicity it generates for the artist is proof of your goodness. To make your argument extra powerful, note that you once knew a guy who bought an extra CD because of the 12,000 songs he took for free.


I think Bill O'Reilly may have a reason to come after Scott for stealing Bill's "Go" method of starting conversations on the Radio Factor. If you don't listen to the Radio Factor, a typical introduction goes like this:
Chris Smith from Denver, you're on the factor, GO!
I guess Scott must be an O'Reilly fan, which is quite interesting. I am an O'Reilly fan as well, but I am not a Premium Member.


You are The Best!!!

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