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Waiting on Sharpton to Attack Bilboard Artists

Michelle Malkin is waiting for Al Sharpton to launch a campaign against the Bilboard Hot Rap Tracks Chart artists in the top 10.

Here's a snippet from the current #2 song on the chart "I'm a Flirt":

I'm a b pimpin
I don't be slippin
When it come down to these hos
I don't love em
We don't cuff em
Man that's just the way it goes
I pull up in the Phantom
All the ladies think handsome
Jewelry shining, I stay stuntin'
Thats why these niggas can't stand em
I'm a chick mag-a-net
And anything fine I'm bag-gin it
And if she got a man, I don't care
10 toes and I wanna be, cause I gotta have it

As if we need more examples of hypocrisy from the race baiters, Michelle goes through the whole top six on the chart, including the videos. Brilliant!


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As much as I can't stand the Rev Al he has for years railed against lyrics in rap. When things like this are posted you should bother to do a little research in the effort to prove a point. Also, can you point to anywhere in the Black community where these lyrics are condoned? The largest consumers of this music is suburban white teenagers sad but true.

I would like to see some demographics stats from you showing that it's primarily white teenagers purchasing these songs ...

Granted, they have "spoken out" against lyrics ... but nothing like the righteous indignation they displayed here.

For example, here is what Al Sharpton had to say after the feud between 50 cent and G-Unit resulted in one of the G-Unit crew being murdered:

"I'm not here to take sides, I'm here to say that all sides are letting us down and need to come down to the table again and create a level of decency and respect for the communities that has been the basis of your wealth," Sharpton said. "We put the 'I.N.G.' in your bling bling [and] have no choice but then to try and [take] 'the' "I.N.G." out your bling bling by withdrawing our support commercially of your records and your use of airwaves.”

So ... if you're a white guy who says something stupid on the air, you should be fired. But if you are a black rapper, we want to talk, and if we don't like your response, we will stop buying your stuff.

Sure ... no double standard there at all.

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