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First tiny flame war

Looks like I got under TMQ2's skin after calling his comments on the Obama Girl unhinged. He posted a comment here, claiming the typical "it's a joke .. you don't get it" cop-out for his misogynistic and crude rip on the model that was hired as the Obama Girl, which I have left untouched.

When I rebutted on his blog with:

You write posts that say "...I'll show you a Ho I can liquor up, pick up and screw within half an hour ..." and I am developmentally challenged? I think not.

Your post is misogynist, crude, and you sound like a 5-cent morning shock jock half-wit.

I called out your post as unhinged, and I stand by that. This kind of humor may be acceptable in the locker-room at the local middle-school, but I would never post anything like this on my blog, or sign my name to it.

In true Internet flame war fashion, he changed it to say:

I love your blog. It makes mine pale in comparison.

Mine reads more like it’s run by local AM radio wanna-be shock-jock or a flimflamming Evangelical.

I’m a dhimmi-wit. It must be from living in Texas, land of steers and queers, and I ain’t no steer!

Your blog is deep. You guys are great.

Now that's how you disprove being called unhinged. Brilliant!

UPDATE: Now I'm a "ball-licking leftist liberal ... and probably black" that's "...seething..." HA! This is hilarious! I'll try to remember that next time I call Al Sharpton to task for race baiting, That's rich Ted. The fact that I truly respect women, makes me a traditionalist/conservative, not a secular progressive/liberal.

For the record, I never said I am an Obama supporter. Read the blog ... I think it's pretty clear who I support in 2008. Look at some of the articles that I have posted in the politics section, and it should be pretty clear. If not, check out the shirts I like to wear.

BTW -> Don't be surprised if you do find left-leaning posts on this site. I don't discriminate, and I have several liberal friends that I invite to write on my blog. My friends and I are getting a really good laugh out of all of this. Keep it going guys!

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