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Sick of Obama Girl

It's been a while since I've posted ... My apologies for that ...

I am really sick and tired of all the Obama Girl coverage. Two girls make an uber campy video love-letter to Barack Hussein Obama, and now they are getting tons of media coverage.

Check out the comments at Hot Air. It's as if the reader of Hot Air have completely ignored everything Michelle Malkin has been saying about misogynistic attitudes towards women, and went straight to making comments about her boobs. Seriously people ... it's a campy "love-letter" video, and compared to some of the other crap that ends up on youtube, it's pretty tame.

I guess people are just hungry to talk about anything other than Paris Hilton going back to jail.

UPDATE: Check out this unhinged post over at TMQ2. Relax bro ... relax ...


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I am relaxed, and having loads of fun. My post was for the humor factor -- which went right over your head (or through your ears).

Maybe you should relax. LOL

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