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Jewelry for Geeks

Over on the MAKE: Blog: they have an article up about making Circuitboard earrings. I find this very interesting, as I am doing something quite similar with cufflinks. I don't want to reveal it just yet, but let's just say they will be very geeky, and should be fairly unique.

The only thing lacking in the article is a description of what the maker used to attach the circuitboards to the earring posts. For my cufflinks, the best thing I have found this far is JB Weld. I can't use solder, as the item I am attaching would be destroyed by the heat. I tried Crazy Glue, but it didn't hold. My only concern is that the JB Weld won't last. I tried to post a comment asking what the maker used in his project, but the comments system is all borked, and MT just barfs out errors when you post. No wonder there aren't any comments.

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