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Someone just made my day

I just got back from lunch at Jason's Deli, and noticed something missing from the rear windshield of my Acura. I quickly figured out I was missing a KeepAustinCorporate.com bumper sticker. I couldn't believe it! That bumper sticker actually annoyed someone so much, they felt compelled to vandalize my car and remove it.

I couldn't be happier! I mean ... seriously ... When I launched this site, I thought it was just an easy play on words, making fun of the Austin hipsters and their "Keep Austin Weird" slogan/campaign/cult whatever. To think that I actually got under someone's skin enough that they would rip the sticker from my windshield just totally makes my day!

I have a stack of those things on my desk, and several in my bag. There will be a replacement installed before I drive her again. Maybe someone else will notice it ...



I wish I had been there.

This soooo does not surprise me. The sense of entitlement these hippies have. It's *their* city, don't you know? They're all for free speech, so long as you agree with them, otherwise YOU"RE the one that's closed minded. Hippies suck.

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