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VFW Post 733 Refuses to March in 4th Parade

I just read an article up at globegazette.com that talks about why the Clintonistas prevented VFW Post 733 in Mason City from marching in the 4th of July Parade.

MASON CITY - Mason City VFW members are refusing to march in the Clear Lake Fourth of July parade Wednesday because they are not being allowed to fire their rifles.

The Secret Service, in Clear Lake to provide protection for former president Bill Clinton and his wife, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, will not allow firearms in the parade, said Jim Kantaris, quartermaster of VFW Post 733 in Mason City.

"There's too much political stuff. They're making us change 50 years of tradition because of two people," said Kantaris. "And one of them is a draft dodger who turned the White House into a whorehouse."

The Clintonistas are some of the most rabid anti-gun politicians the Dems have. It makes perfect sense that they would project their anti-gun message to a 50-year old tradition celebrating armed resistance against The Crown.

I applaud Post 733 for standing up against this bullshit. The way that everything is sanitized now, people may soon forget exactly what happened to bring about our freedom from The Crown. In all essence, we gathered together, went into the streets, and shot the police. Think about that for a moment ... We didn't have a civil police force then, we had Crown troops. When we fought the first battles of the revolutionary war, we were basically fighting the police.

The fight for freedom from The Crown was not a war of sanctions, United Nations resolutions, or strongly written letters. We had to fight and kill those that sought to destroy our freedom. This was an armed conflict, fought with rifles, pistols, knives, and bare hands. It was not clean, precise, and sanitary like today's warfare. It was fought from house to house here in America, with little to no medical technology and the crudest of weapons to mame and destroy. We symbolize that by marching in precision, fire blank rounds from rifles, and pop fireworkds to remind us all exactly what had to happen in order for us to gain our freedom.

If we lose sight of that, we will truly be lost. My hat is off to you gentlemen.

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