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Next Time Show Up Earlier

I love my new section on whiners. The Internet is full of them, and this mental giant
complaining about missing an international flight to South Africa
is a good one.

The post is your typical TSA/FAA/Airline bitch-fest. ... Lines at security are too long ... The TSA hires nazi goons ... The government took away my freedom after 9/11 ... The police are evil ... The only thing missing from this morons idiotic screed is a rant blaming the whole event on George Bush.

The first thing the airlines tell you is that if you are flying International, show up at least 2 hours before you are scheduled to depart. At least 2 hours. Just in-case your reading comprehension is poor, that means that 2 hours should be the minimum time to show up. For me, that means that I show up 3 hours before departure. I'd rather sit at the gate for a couple hours completely relaxed, knowing I will make my flight than stand in line at security wondering if I will make it. I fly a lot, and even showing up 3 hours ahead, I have had some close calls.

This guy shows up less than an hour before his flight is scheduled to leave. Then he tries to skip ahead in line. The security detail isn't having any of it, and very strongly tell Mr. Dumbass to get back in line. He persists, and even tries to go through the First Class VIP security line (wish we had one in Austin). When he tries to bust the First Class line, he encounters the Harbor Police:

"Whats the problem?" the officers ask me.

At this point, we are in the middle of the terminal. Before I respond, the officers and I walk off to the side near the check-in counters.

"There is no problem officers. I am going to miss my flight, I have an international connection to make and she will not let me go through. I have been here with plenty of time to make it through security, but the line is not moving."

That's a lie. You showed up late, moron. Instead of admitting he screwed up, he lies and tries to act as if the security agents are the ones that screwed up. Wrong! The cops send him back to Delta, who tell him the truth: He's going to miss his flight. Senor ignoramus heads back over to the cops who ask for his papers:

The officers then ask me, "What did they tell you?"

"That I'm not going to make it" I say.

"Let me have your passport", demands one officer.

"What do you need it for?" (I've seen this movie before, I've done nothing wrong, but you know ... abuse of power, police state, post 9/11 age, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc)

"So that I can know who I am talking to", he says.

"Ok, here you go", as I hand him my passport.

Way to stick it to the man there pal. You gotta love that liberal screed he threw in there. Those eeeevil cops ... why would they need to see someone's passport if they are flying to South Africa? Jerks. If a cop asks you for your ID, law says you have to give it up. It's nothing new, it's been that way for years, and when some idiot is causing a scene at the airport, it's only prudent for them to ask.

More after the jump, including an update.

The guy eventually complains and argues his way to his gate. Meanwhile, the people he was standing behind make it through at the same time he does. HA! What an idiot! He gained nothing with the whole escapade with the TSA, Harbor Police, Delta agents .. nada ... zip ... zero. End result? He misses the flight. He showed up late to the airport, and missed the flight. Remember that.

Delta tries to be nice to the guy and books him on the next flight to Atlanta, and tell him to hurry over to the gate. Instead of doing that, he goes back to security and tries to pick a fight with the cops again. They don't take the bait, but they get a few jabs in regardless, and he spends the next few minutes bitching and moaning to anyone that will listen about how unfairly he was treated. Right ... you showed up late to the airport, made a scene, and they are the assholes. Sure, pal.

Delta is still trying to be nice to the guy, and they book him on the same flights the next day so he can get to South Africa where his luggage is en-route to. Then he decides that he just doesn't want to go (imagine a spoiled little child taking his ball and going home) and spends several more paragraphs bitching and whining to Delta demanding his money back. He gets most of it back, minus the $200 penalty and $25 oversize baggage fee, which he bitches about ... of course.

Anyone who flies often enough knows how to avoid this situation entirely. SHOW UP EARLY! If he had shown up as early as ALL airlines recommend, I wouldn't have to read this crap, and he could have gone to Africa to save the rain-forest or whatever it was he wanted to do. Whatever it was, it must not have been that important, considering he decided to pout and never take the trip.

UPDATE: One simple google query, and I confirmed that the Delta ticket counter in San Diego opens at 4:45am, and the San Diego airport suggests arriving at the airport three hours early for an international flight. Oh, and if the idea of checking in at 4:45am sounds too rough, you can check in the night before, get your boarding pass, and go straight through security the next day. Or use the power of the internet! And if you insist on showing up at the last minute, you can at least check the projected wait times.


You sir are the moron. Read the article and you will find out that the guy couldn't have arrived much earlier because his wife spent most of the morning kicking his ass and calling him a little girl. That he arrived a bit late does NOT excuse that fact that I have trouble forming complete sentences, and didn't notice that he did get most of his money back, except for the fee that he agreed to.

Happy travels! Steve S.

i agree with your perspective 100%
but the police truly are scum
in the realm of burgalary and rape, they are exellent to use as grunt to do dirty work
but they are inherently violent people and have no business being called anything other than scumbags
identical, not just similar, to the gangs the profess to fight.
gang tactics were developed by observing the police.
police should be physically assaulted when they abuse their power.
because the law turns a blind eye to them.

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