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Only In America - Fanboys Mad @ Apple Over iPhone Price Drop

Slanted "Consumer" website Consumerist has an article up from a self-proclaimed "Apple FanBoy" whining about the recent $200 price drop in the Apple iPhone.

Only in America do people complain when a company drops the price of an extremely desirable new gadget 33%. You would think that people would be glad to see the price drop, hoping it further increases sales, increasing the chances of success for the new gadget. No ... The whiny Apple fans that relish the fact that Apple's products are both trendy and expensive are now hurt that more of the unwashed masses can afford it.

Boo f@#$ing hoo ... Whiny f@#$ing maggots.


Seems not only apple "fanboys" but also apple "haters" as Scott Borne calls them.

Anyway Steve Jobs had an open letter explaining the price drop and offering every iPhone owner a 100$ apple store credit.

Jobs is even giving them some free credit at the apple store...what a pushover. There must be something wrong with the iPhone if they are giving money back. That is just weird.

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