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Clearing The Air in Austin

The Statesman (bugmenot) is reporting that Air America has been ditched in Austin in favor of Spanish speaking programming:

Air America, the home for defiantly liberal talk radio, has quit Austin's air waves, though it can still be heard online or on XM Satellite Radio. Its previous broadcasting home in Austin, KOKE 1600 AM, has started following a Spanish-language format.

Austin blogger UrbanGrounds points out the obvious:
What should be a tougher loss to take is the knowledge that Austin is a very Liberal city with a giant market of young, educated liberal college students.

If you can't make it here with Liberal radio, then you probably can't make it anywhere (which the national market is bearing out, too).

Let's all send a big "Thank You" to KOKE 1600 for Keeping Austin Corporate by giving the ignoramus' at Air America the boot.

Na na na na! Na na na na! Hey Hey Hey! Good Bye!

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