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Newsflash! Manhattan isn't that big after all

Consumerist is at it again, this time quoting a chart from GOOD magazine (I wouldn't go as far as calling it an article) lamenting the total square acreage of some of the larger US retailers. They ignore the real #1 largest retailer in the US, the US Postal Service (over 27,000 locations), and instead zero-in on Wal-Mart (4,094 locations according to walmartstores.com).

How do they prove their point? By stating that Manhattan comprises approximately 15,000 acres, and stating that every Wal-Mart store combined comprises 18,810 acres. Gasp! Now compare that to the USPS ... I can't find the acreage of each USPS location, but let's assume it's an extremely modest 2 acres. Multiply that by 27,000 and you get 54,000 total acres, or almost 3 times as much space as Wal-Mart. Look everybody ... I can count too!

Here's a news flash ... Manhattan is not that big. Take this fun fact from http://www.dfwairport.com/visitor/facts.htm:

At the time DFW was built, it was the largest and costliest airport in the world: $700 million spent and 17,500 acres – bigger than the island of Manhattan

And of course, if you attempt to point this out in the comments section of the page, the admins never let it appear ...

If you want to compare it to something that sounds bigger than it really is, try the Louisiana SuperDome ... it's only uses 13 acres. Saying that it would take almost 1,500 SuperDomes to equal the square footage of all the Wal-Marts sound much bigger.

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