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Sneeze and you are a dead man

You know there's something about when you hear a pump shotgun click ... It makes everybody think twice.

Nathaniel Brooks of Houston is a hero. He held two would-be burglars at bay with a 12-gauge shotgun until Houston PD arrived and took the pair off to jail. KHOU in Houston (BugMeNot is your friend) is reporting that the police also recovered evidence from several other burglaries that morning.

The video is up at LiveLeak. My favorite part is the reaction from his wife:


You just have to love it when you get to play dirty harry in your own home and win super mangergy sex points with the wife, all while making sure that your shit does not get ripped off.

That night in the bedroom...
wife says "say it again for me big daddy!" He responds "Sneeze and your dead" (70's porno soundtrack fades in)

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