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Nerdcore comes to SxSW

My favorite Nerdcore rapper, MC Frontalot is coming to SxSW, and his documentary Nerdcore Rising is coming with him.

You would think that I would be happy about it ... I've never seen MC Frontalot live before, and he's coming to Austin. I just can't bring myself to pay $400.00 just to see one movie, and attend one concert. Not to mention that I'll have to wait in enormously huge queues, pay for at least one more pass for my wife, and have to deal with all the self-indulgent shit that has become SxSW.

SxSW has turned into a circle-jerk of hollywood elitists and wannabees, all vying for attention of the self-indulgent teeming masses yearning for the latest in "entertainment." I've been downtown during SxSW, and it's mad crazy. I have friends that pay the fee, every year, and then bitch endlessly about how much worse it gets.

Sorry Front, but I'll have to pass. Perhaps when NR comes out on DVD I can get it on BitTorrent. I liked Nerdcore better when it was underground, and nobody thought it was cool.

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