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Failing the audition at Consumerist.com

I read Consumerist.com, and occasionally post a comment or two on the site. I noticed that my comments were not appearing on the site, so I emailed the moderator to inquire why. The deliciously ironic and hypocritical response is quoted below:

You haven't passed the audition. Frankly, a lot of your comments are a bit hostile, either to the consumer mentioned in the article, or to other comments. This needs to be toned back a lot, and you need to follow our comment code to post.

"Typical whiny Consumerist a-hole."

That's really rich from a site that has an entire tag for "assholes" and frequently uses profanity in the titles and content of their posts. I would link to all of them, but according to google, the word asshole appears 4,780 times at consumerist.com.

Think that's interesting, check the google hits for the f-bomb. 20,500 hits and a couple tags. Impressive! They even make quite eloquent use of the f-bomb as so eloquently illustrated in this post about a guy who likes to give the finger to people who drive an H2:

It's not really funny. It's not really clever. This isn't consumer activism, it's just consumer cow tipping. Fuck Fuck You And Your H2.

How delightfully civil! They aren't being hostile to that consumer in the slightest, now are they?

It's like the gift that keeps on giving. You can find similar quotes found in other user's comments that don't seem to bother the moderator. This guy wins the award for the most disgusting comment that I could find in regards to B. Hussein Obama and the press. Gross! But he always rips on Republicans, so I guess he's OK.

The Gawker TOS document basically says they can remove my comments at their discretion, which is their right. It's their sandbox, and they have every right to tell me to play in my own. I just find it completely hypocritical that on a site with 20,500 pages where the f-bomb appears, I get banned for commenting that someone was a "Typical whiny Consumerist a-hole."

PS. Just in case Gawker decides to remove the links I posted above and clean up their site, I have saved PDF's. You're welcome.


I've been posting comments on Consumerist for a few months now and still not passed the audition. None of my comments have had swears, blamed the customer, attacked other commenters, or other commenter code no-nos. I emailed moderator@consumerist.com asking what I was doing wrong, but no response yet.

I agree with you, given the quality of the current, approved commenters, you shouldn't have to act like Mother Theresa to get your account past the audition phase.

Not for nothin', but I don't think it was so much the profanity in your post that kept you from being approved as it was the fact that you seemed to have a mad-on for the site or its members. In fact they straight-up told you as much when you asked them what's up, so I'm not sure where your confusion came from. There was no hypocrisy in play, they just didn't want you pissing on the parade, so to speak.

If you haven't in the three years or so since you wrote this post, try going back now. If there's still an approval process, then it's far more lax. I think that the majority of the folks who post comments to that site have their heads firmly rooted in their assholes and I regularly tell them as much in no uncertain terms. Haven't been banned for it yet.

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