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Anti-Prop 8 Mob Rears it's Fabulously Ugly Head in Austin

From the Statesman:

In Austin, a gay community Web site has published an "Austin Anti-Gay Blacklist" that encourages consumers not to spend money at companies that financially supported California's recent Proposition 8 ballot initiative that rescinded gays' right to marry inside the state.

These lazy assholes didn't even do their own research. They looked through a similar list published by the LA Times and pulled out what they could find in Austin. From that list, they singled out 13 companies (if you can consider a lawyer, several doctors, and 3 individuals a company) from Austin, and are attempting to start a "boycott" of those companies (including Dell, and ARC ... oh, but the corporate heads apologized, nevermind). Oh ... and they want to boycott Utah too ... because ... uh ... Mormons live there ... and Mormons don't believe in gay marriage ... I'll believe that one when the Sundance Film Festival fails ... They want to fight, but some things are just too precious to give up.

I'm sure the 69 people who read that blog are really going to do some damage. Those people should have known better than to participate in the democratic process. What assholes! They should stay at home, and never venture out of the house ... perhaps in the closet ...

This is not the way to convince people that the GLBT community is ready to be mainstream. Threatening people with boycotts, blacklists, shamings, protests, firings, and whatnot will only work against the GLBT community. The sooner that the GLBT community understands this, the sooner they will be accepted. As long as the keep acting like jack-booted thugs every time we disagree, the more and more marginalized they will become. Shit like this is not helping.


Though I agree that a boycott seems silly, it seems many in the GLBQT community are at a loss for preventing the marginalization of their rights. Many Americans do not view the issue equal to that of black or women's rights, but the issues of medical, custodial, and joint ownership rights that hold similarities. When will they be given civil rights? I question if anyone outside the community is listening to their pleas for equality. Perhaps a boycott is not extreme enough.

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