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Applescript FAIL

This is the type of shit that really pisses me off. I recently got back from a week in Hawaii with my wife. We shot over 3000 photos. I went through all of the separate events, flagged the best photos, and whittled it down to 1800. I wanted to create a DVD using only the flagged photos. iDVD doesn't make this easy for you ... you have to add a slideshow manually, then select the iPhoto Event, individually select each flagged photo, then add them to the slideshow. I figured that something like this would be good to automate with AppleScript. The problem is, I can't find any documentation for what methods are available for iDVD or iPhoto via AppleScript.

Then I remembered my ADC membership! HA! I'll go look there. I log in ... scroll down ... there it is:
So I click it ...
Why is it so complicated for companies to have accurate information on their websites? You would think a company the size of Apple would, at a minimum be able to publish a website without any 404 errors.

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