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We will survive President Elect B. Hussein Obama's Presidency. I am not going to devolve into one of those whiny, spineless weasels that is going to threaten to go away crying to another country. No ... I am going to stay here in my adoptive home country, The Republic of Texas, and fight B. Hussein Obama's every policy. Our only hope now is that the Republicans can hold on to enough seats to keep B. Husein Obama and the other Democrats at bay.

We need a new party. We need a conservative party. Why did John McCain lose? He's not Conservative enough. He wrote the rules on how to campaign, so it's no surprise he won the primary. If Ronald Reagan could see today's Republican party, he would be ashamed to have been a part of it. It's time for a new party. A true conservative party. I'm sick of this "compassionate conservative" bullshit, and there are millions who agree with me. I'm sick of the endless spending, bailouts, handouts, and complete and utter lack of personal responsibility.

I have an idea. More to follow. Stay tuned. Time to focus.

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