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July 18, 2006

Firebomb in the Lab

Ok it is story time! Yeah! This is my first post here, so I will do my best to entertain. A few weeks ago I had the grand opportunity to interact with a PETA supporter. A situation that is always good for some fun. I noticed this young, college aged girl was wearing a blue wrist band that proclaimed her support for the tax exempt, terrorist organization while I was drawing her blood at the lab I work at. Since I was at work I could not just beat her about the head with raw meat like I often do with PETA supporters.

I had to employ a bit more tact or risk loosing my source of income. (how I wish I had seen the Peta booth at the NIN show) So with a devious grin I asked her if she was a vegan right before I poked her. She gave me a puzzled look and promptly replied "no, why do you ask". I waited until I had removed the needle from her arm before I continued. "well according to the dogma of PETA member and the fact that you are wearing one of their wristbands, I would assume that you were vegan", I said as I placed the contaminated needle into it's proper receptical. "Well, I...um...I just don't like fur, I it is not an all or nothing kind of thing." she said with the trepidation of a deer in headlights. "Oh, I see" I said, halfway considerig letting her off at that. But my dark side got the best of me and I had to push forward. So I baited her with a question. "So how much did you pay for that wristband...a buck or two" I implored with an impish grin spreading from ear to ear. Without waiting for a response I continued on by asking her if she knows who Rodney Coronado is. "um...no" she replied while inching towards the door. "Well my dear, Rodney Coronado is a man who firebombs medical laboratories in the name of animal rights. And PETA pays his legal bills." "Oh...I didn't know that" she bashfully replied. "Do you know that this is a medical laboratory?"

How to Steal a Bike in NYC

In the spirit of New York City, I found this funny video entitled "How To Steal a Bike In NYC" over at Gothamist. My favorite one is the "concerned citizen" in the last bit, right after the cops roll by. YouTube video available at Gothamist, or beneath the fold.

July 17, 2006

Digg This: Conservative Digg Mania

Michelle Malkin is on the Digg bandwagon. She has added Digg buttons to all of the posts on her blog. It has inspired me to do the same. A few quick changes to my MT templates, and there they are. You should recognize the Digg icon down there right next to the permalink and such.

I was starting starting to get annoyed with the politics that kept showing up on Digg, but with the most recent software release, they now have their own category. Even so, politics still manages to find it's way on to the main technology page when some dim-wit liberal makes an over-reaching analogy. Just because someone running for Senate has a podcast does not mean that a link to his campaign website goes in the technology section. Now that there is a dedicated politics category, it's time for us conservatives to take over! Digg the conservatives!

It's not proper "Netiquette" to Digg yourself, so do me a favor and Digg this post!

BTW -> I got the first of my KeepAustinCorporate.com T-Shirts in today. Check it out beneath the fold.

Rally For Israel

Pamela from Atlas Shrugs, you can view some good pics from the Pro-Israel rally today in NYC. It's too bad I had to be in NYC last week ... They had lots of media, lots of people, and yet no coverage in the MSM. Hmm ... Muslims riot against cartoons and you get wall-to-wall coverage. People stand up and peacefully march to support Israel ... can you hear the crickets?

There was even a "contingency of lefties, whackjobs, terror lovers"

Head over to Atlas Shrugged for tons of good photos and coverage.

More coverage from Michelle Malkin with word from Charles Ryder:

The Jewish Community Relations Council is holding a rally of solidarity with Israel this Wednesday, July 19, at noon at Freedom Plaza (Pennsylvania Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets in North West).

July 12, 2006

Israel! F@#$ Yeh!

Comin' again to save the motherf@#$in day yeh! Israel is on the march into Gaza. And as Kim Priestap reports from an article by Carl In Jerusalem, perhaps it's two years late ... probably more if you ask me. According to the article, Israel will declare war tonight after taking casualties in the North as well as having soldiers captured. The first thing through my mind was the theme from Team America: World Police. We need a remix ... Israel! F@#$ Yeh!

Circumcision as Good as HIV Vaccine?

There is an article up on CBS Health Watch that talks about the results of a recent study published in the July issue of the public-access online journal PLoS Medicine. Read the full report here, or the editorial summary here.

The report claims:

This would be the same effect as an AIDS vaccine that was 37% effective in protecting both men and women against HIV infection.

Which sounds pretty amazing, on the surface. If you dig a bit deeper, you find this nugget in the editorial summary:

They made the assumption that if circumcision is intensively promoted, all men in those countries will be circumcised in 10 years time.

Right ... So ... let me get this straight ... they think that if they "intensively promoted" circumcision, that all men in those countries will be circumcised in 10 years? I don't think so ... We don't even have all men here in the US circumcised, even though it's a very common practice. As of 2001, only 55.1% of American males are circumcised. Read the full report on that here, and here. That's not even mentioning the fact that the rate is declining ... here ... in the US.

While circumcision may be a good start in preventing the spread of AIDS, I don't think circumcision could ever have the "same effect as an AIDS vaccine that was 37% effective." That's a bit of a stretch.

Thanks for the link from Wizbang! and the Carnival of the Trackbacks.

July 11, 2006

Traveling - California - New York

I apologize for the recent lack of posts ... I'm not in the habit yet of blogging while traveling. I was in Cupertino, CA last week, and am in New York this week visiting clients. Traveling was much more fun when I was single ...

Here's a cool youtube video of a "beatboxing" parrot to hold you over until I get back. Enjoy!