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June 5, 2008

The real B. Hussein Obama

A friend of mine sent me this great video full of facts about the real B. Hussein Obama.

Part I:

Part II:

Stuffed shirts and landslides

I keep reading about how the liberals believe that the B. Hussein Obama is here to save the world, and is going to win in a landslide against the war hero John McCain. B. Hussein Obama is not going to win in a landslide in November, and here are the reasons why:

  • We still haven't witnessed the bloodbath of the DNC Convention. How much will that hurt?
  • National polls show them evenly split. Landslide? Not hardly.
  • B. Hussein Obama is black. The democratic party is the same party that voted to keep slavery, count the black race as 3/5 of a person, and has active KKK members sitting in congress today. That anti-black sentiment is still felt by living Democrats today, and will not disappear before November. There are democrats who will simply not vote for a black man.
  • Obamessiah has never won a contested election. Don't take my word for it, look it up.
  • We haven't seen VP selections yet. Rumors are flying around that John McCain may pick Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his VP. Remember all those Clinton voters clamoring for a woman in the Presidency? (Having a newborn would be a happy bonus)
  • Socialized healthcare doesn't work. It doesn't work in Canada, France, UK, Germany ... it doesn't work anywhere it has been tried, and Americans know it.
  • Raising taxes and increasing spending is not the way out of a recession, if we are truly in one. Americans know this too, and aren't buying it.
  • Obambi has renounced his Christian faith. How will he fight the rumors that he is a sleeper Muslim now that he is no longer a Christian? (I can hear the apologizers now ... "He's still Christian ... just not part of that awful church" I don't buy it.)
  • Appeasement has never worked when dealing with dictators and their puppets. Has Obammessiah actually said which part of Iran's political structure he wants to "negotiate" with? Does he want to talk to Khamenei or Imadinnerjacket?
  • Obamba is un-patriotic, and so is his wife. Will America elect someone so un-American over a decorated POW war hero? I believe not. (Some call the pledge gaffe a one-time misstep. I believe he was showing his true feelings)
  • Obamessiah has no true working plan to keep America safe. No amount of appeasement, happy speeches, or feel-good legislation is going to change the perception of America in the world. Refusing to deploy troops or use our defensive weapons only puts us in a position of weakness that encourages direct attacks by our enemies. How exactly are we "giving Iraqi's their country back" by abandoning them before the job is done?

Once the GOP gets its arms around picking Obama apart, the race will widen up. People seem to forget that John McCain has more cross-over appeal that the most liberal senator could ever dream of. The true conservatives in America may not like John McCain 100%, but he's far better than Obamessiah and only mildly liberal. The only candidate in danger of winning by a landslide is John McCain.