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January 20, 2009

iPhone app coming together nicely

In the course of chasing out a nasty memory leak bug, I ended up rewriting 95% of the code. Good news is that I've not only chased out the bugs, but I've made the app more compatible with older OS versions. And I got the accelerometer code working!

Items left to finish:

  • Add preferences pane
  • Finish up artwork
  • Complete recordings
  • Branch code for Free/Lite version
  • Complete Free/Lite version
  • Lots of testing

I have plans for a free version of the app, and a paid "Premium" version.

January 19, 2009

Coming soon to an iPhone near you

I am getting VERY close to finishing my first iPhone app. I have the artwork done, all of the synthesized sounds done, and the base application done. All that is left is to add the accelerometer code (shaky shaky) and record the rest of the sounds. I got my developer license in today, so I can actually build my apps and run them on iPhones! I needed that to test the accelerometer code ... the simulator doesn't simulate the accelerometer.

It has been an interesting process so far. I was prepared to wait weeks to get my developer license, but Apple sent it to me the next day. 'magine that, eh?

January 6, 2009

Liveblogging FAIL

Looks like the MacRumors guys were pwn3d while covering the MacWorld 2009 Keynote. I caught that screenshot just in time.

Little internet miscreants ... always causing trouble ... :)

Shortly after these notes appeared, their entire site went down. Whether that was part of the joke, or a defensive move, who knows. Either way, the DG's brought it down.

Update: More pics at iClarified, Richard Lemon, Koka Sexton, and a good pic from flickr. I'll post more when I find them.

January 3, 2009

mMm Tripel Labels are Printed


I just finished the labels for my first homebrew beer, mMm Tripel.


January 1, 2009

A beer is born

And on this first day of this new year, a new beer is born. Her name is "mMm Tripel" in the style on a Belgian trapist tripel.

5 gallons of mash yielded 49 bottles of beer. Final alcohol content is around 7.8%.

This new beer had a long journey into this world, and needs to rest. We shall enjoy her bounty on the 21st.

Happy New Year!

From our families to yours!


Beer courtesy of Samuel Adams.