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CWA Union Votes to Strike

From Boy Genius Report:

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) union has voted, with a huge 85 percent yes vote, to authorize a strike for over 20,000 unionized AT&T Mobility employees. If union leaders do not come to terms with AT&T, the strike could begin as soon as today in 37 states where contracts are set to expire at 12:01 am tomorrow, February 8th.

I say, let them strike. Do it. With the unemployment figures where they are, I would venture a guess that there are plenty of people ready to take those jobs. Remember the Air Traffic Controllers strike of 1981? Randall Stephenson needs to take a page out of Ronald Reagan's handbook and fire each and every person who doesn't show up to work. AT&T has been cutting back, and this makes it all that much easier. Don't show up, you don't work here. It's that simple. Hold a job fair, and get back to business ... without the union, of course. Once the contract expires, they are in the clear.

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