October 9, 2009

ACL devolves into sewer sludge romp

From The Statesman:

Heavy rains Saturday led to mud pits Sunday in some parts of Zilker Park during the final day of the Austin City Limits Music Festival. The mud seemed to be mostly Dillo Dirt, a compost made from yard trimmings and treated sewage sludge, which was used in recent lawn improvements.

Just when you thought the wacky moonbats here couldn't get any weirder ...

h/t: Patterico

January 6, 2009

Liveblogging FAIL

Looks like the MacRumors guys were pwn3d while covering the MacWorld 2009 Keynote. I caught that screenshot just in time.

Little internet miscreants ... always causing trouble ... :)

Shortly after these notes appeared, their entire site went down. Whether that was part of the joke, or a defensive move, who knows. Either way, the DG's brought it down.

Update: More pics at iClarified, Richard Lemon, Koka Sexton, and a good pic from flickr. I'll post more when I find them.

November 26, 2008

Where's the sock puppet's bailout?

h/t: Michelle Malkin

November 19, 2008

Get Philled in

"I'm saving my money for the car that runs on hopes and happiness ... but Phil ... that's not possible ... well it better be possible for GM's sake, or that bitch is going down!"

August 6, 2008

Furious Cinnamon Bun

This is the cartoon that ended the last Spike & Mike Sick & Twisted Cartoon Festival. The festival completely and entirely sucked this year, but Lone Sausage came through with another hilarious cartoon that made it worth going.

The uncensored, NSFW version can be seen here.

April 21, 2008

Celebrate Earth Day

Tomorrow is Earth Day. This is how I'm going to celebrate:

* Turn on all of my lights, all day.
* TV on full-blast all day
* All computers and monitors on
* Small trash-fire in the backyard
* Air-conditioning set to 65 with the windows open
* Driving 100+ mph on the toll-way with the AC on, windows open, in 5th gear in my RSX-S
* Dumping the neighbor's recycle bins into my trash bonfire (bins included)
* Shattering my CFL lightbulbs in the backyard spilling the mercury
* Replacing the broken CFL bulbs with evil incandescent bulbs

I'll try and think of some more ways to celebrate Earth Day later tonight and post my results tomorrow.

July 31, 2007

Someone just made my day

I just got back from lunch at Jason's Deli, and noticed something missing from the rear windshield of my Acura. I quickly figured out I was missing a bumper sticker. I couldn't believe it! That bumper sticker actually annoyed someone so much, they felt compelled to vandalize my car and remove it.

I couldn't be happier! I mean ... seriously ... When I launched this site, I thought it was just an easy play on words, making fun of the Austin hipsters and their "Keep Austin Weird" slogan/campaign/cult whatever. To think that I actually got under someone's skin enough that they would rip the sticker from my windshield just totally makes my day!

I have a stack of those things on my desk, and several in my bag. There will be a replacement installed before I drive her again. Maybe someone else will notice it ...

July 13, 2007

Scott Adams is on a Roll

Scott's two most recent blog posts have me passing out lauging:

A Politician Who "Gets it" and World's Tallest Man Marries

Including gems such as:

This is the sort of story that raises all sorts of inappropriate questions. Not more questions than, say, the conjoined twins with two heads and one vagina, but lots of questions.

I can imagine Bob Allen negotiating with Korean leader Kim Jung Il:

Bob: Would you stop building nuclear bombs, please?

Kim: What's in it for me?

Bob: Well, for starters, this twenty-dollar bill ...

Now go read them both, Ganbaatar breath.

July 6, 2007

Worst Job Evar

June 22, 2007

First tiny flame war

Looks like I got under TMQ2's skin after calling his comments on the Obama Girl unhinged. He posted a comment here, claiming the typical "it's a joke .. you don't get it" cop-out for his misogynistic and crude rip on the model that was hired as the Obama Girl, which I have left untouched.

When I rebutted on his blog with:

You write posts that say "...I'll show you a Ho I can liquor up, pick up and screw within half an hour ..." and I am developmentally challenged? I think not.

Your post is misogynist, crude, and you sound like a 5-cent morning shock jock half-wit.

I called out your post as unhinged, and I stand by that. This kind of humor may be acceptable in the locker-room at the local middle-school, but I would never post anything like this on my blog, or sign my name to it.

In true Internet flame war fashion, he changed it to say:

I love your blog. It makes mine pale in comparison.

Mine reads more like it’s run by local AM radio wanna-be shock-jock or a flimflamming Evangelical.

I’m a dhimmi-wit. It must be from living in Texas, land of steers and queers, and I ain’t no steer!

Your blog is deep. You guys are great.

Now that's how you disprove being called unhinged. Brilliant!

UPDATE: Now I'm a "ball-licking leftist liberal ... and probably black" that's "...seething..." HA! This is hilarious! I'll try to remember that next time I call Al Sharpton to task for race baiting, That's rich Ted. The fact that I truly respect women, makes me a traditionalist/conservative, not a secular progressive/liberal.

For the record, I never said I am an Obama supporter. Read the blog ... I think it's pretty clear who I support in 2008. Look at some of the articles that I have posted in the politics section, and it should be pretty clear. If not, check out the shirts I like to wear.

BTW -> Don't be surprised if you do find left-leaning posts on this site. I don't discriminate, and I have several liberal friends that I invite to write on my blog. My friends and I are getting a really good laugh out of all of this. Keep it going guys!

April 21, 2007

C-R-M: Customer Relationship Management

From yesterday's Wallstrip:

Check out my post on the original sales meeting this was styled against form the movie Glengarry Glen Ross for a point of reference (Not safe for work).

April 20, 2007

This is going into my next requirements document

From Scott Adam's latest post on the Dilbert Blog: Outsource the Government:

Q. Is it okay if I offer an objection to this plan that demonstrates my poor reading comprehension?

A. I'd be disappointed if you didn't.


Scott Adams loves to post wildly snarky articles on his Dilbert Blog, and in the post, ridicule and poke fun at the people who post responses that have very little, or absolutely nothing to do with the article in question.

Some good examples of this are his recent posts about the debate over copyright law. Including great quotes like:

4. But since I know I am a good person, my reason why it's okay to violate copyright laws is (insert something absurd).
You may now activate your cognitive dissonance and explain in the comments that every time you violate a copyright, the free publicity it generates for the artist is proof of your goodness. To make your argument extra powerful, note that you once knew a guy who bought an extra CD because of the 12,000 songs he took for free.


I think Bill O'Reilly may have a reason to come after Scott for stealing Bill's "Go" method of starting conversations on the Radio Factor. If you don't listen to the Radio Factor, a typical introduction goes like this:
Chris Smith from Denver, you're on the factor, GO!
I guess Scott must be an O'Reilly fan, which is quite interesting. I am an O'Reilly fan as well, but I am not a Premium Member.

April 11, 2007

Hillary Hates John Hawkins

Bwahahaha! Brilliant!

From John Hawkins at

March 8, 2007

Oh no he didnt [UPDATED]

Oh, hell no.

Full Episode at: