February 7, 2009

D'OBama's Stimulaspalooza comes to Austin

Of all the monumentally stupid ideas yet to come from the bumbling Obama administration, we have this:

There it was, in a front-page story in Wednesday's Wall Street Journal — the City of Austin's proposal for $886,000 from President Barack Obama's economic stimulus package for a 36-hole Frisbee golf course.

Austin's Frisbee golf project was among $149 billion in items listed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors seeking stimulus money. The 18,750 individual projects were supposed to be "shovel ready" and create jobs around the country.

Seriously? How is spending $886,000 on a 36-hole frisbee golf course supposed to get people back to work? I know people who play frisbee golf ... and ... I love you guys, but when you're playing frisbee golf, you're not working.

Hopefully after all of this non-sense is over, and we finally get rid of Obama and his cronies, it will be decades until the democrats regain power. Let's just hope they don't destroy America before that happens.

November 28, 2008

Anti-Prop 8 Mob Rears it's Fabulously Ugly Head in Austin

From the Statesman:

In Austin, a gay community Web site has published an "Austin Anti-Gay Blacklist" that encourages consumers not to spend money at companies that financially supported California's recent Proposition 8 ballot initiative that rescinded gays' right to marry inside the state.

These lazy assholes didn't even do their own research. They looked through a similar list published by the LA Times and pulled out what they could find in Austin. From that list, they singled out 13 companies (if you can consider a lawyer, several doctors, and 3 individuals a company) from Austin, and are attempting to start a "boycott" of those companies (including Dell, and ARC ... oh, but the corporate heads apologized, nevermind). Oh ... and they want to boycott Utah too ... because ... uh ... Mormons live there ... and Mormons don't believe in gay marriage ... I'll believe that one when the Sundance Film Festival fails ... They want to fight, but some things are just too precious to give up.

I'm sure the 69 people who read that blog are really going to do some damage. Those people should have known better than to participate in the democratic process. What assholes! They should stay at home, and never venture out of the house ... perhaps in the closet ...

This is not the way to convince people that the GLBT community is ready to be mainstream. Threatening people with boycotts, blacklists, shamings, protests, firings, and whatnot will only work against the GLBT community. The sooner that the GLBT community understands this, the sooner they will be accepted. As long as the keep acting like jack-booted thugs every time we disagree, the more and more marginalized they will become. Shit like this is not helping.

November 20, 2008

Shep gets after nimrod emailer


November 7, 2008

Now neither of them matter

It's articles like this that are going to make the B. Hussein Obama presidency so entertaining. From the ever so eloquent Iowahawk:

It's also heartening to realize that as president Mr. Obama will soon be working hand-in-hand with a former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard like Senator Robert Byrd to craft the incoherent and destructive programs that will plunge the American economy into a nightmare of full-blown sustained depression. As Vice President-Elect Joe Biden has repeatedly warned, there will be difficult times ahead and the programs will not always be popular, or even sane. But as we look out over the wreckage of bankrupt coal companies, nationalized banks, and hyperinflation, we can always look back with sustained pride on the great National Reconciliation of 2008. Call me an optimist, but I like to think when America's breadlines erupt into riots it will be because of our shared starvation, not the differences in our color.
So for now, let's put politics aside and celebrate this historic milestone. In his famous speech at the Lincoln Memorial 45 years ago, Dr. King said "I have a dream that one day my children will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." Let us now take pride that Tuesday we Americans proved that neither thing matters anymore.

I have tears in my eyes ... It's just too funny ...

November 4, 2008


We will survive President Elect B. Hussein Obama's Presidency. I am not going to devolve into one of those whiny, spineless weasels that is going to threaten to go away crying to another country. No ... I am going to stay here in my adoptive home country, The Republic of Texas, and fight B. Hussein Obama's every policy. Our only hope now is that the Republicans can hold on to enough seats to keep B. Husein Obama and the other Democrats at bay.

We need a new party. We need a conservative party. Why did John McCain lose? He's not Conservative enough. He wrote the rules on how to campaign, so it's no surprise he won the primary. If Ronald Reagan could see today's Republican party, he would be ashamed to have been a part of it. It's time for a new party. A true conservative party. I'm sick of this "compassionate conservative" bullshit, and there are millions who agree with me. I'm sick of the endless spending, bailouts, handouts, and complete and utter lack of personal responsibility.

I have an idea. More to follow. Stay tuned. Time to focus.

October 20, 2008

Still undecided? DONT VOTE

I'm not joking. If you still haven't made up your mind on who the best team for the White House is yet, you haven't been paying attention. If you go vote for anyone, you're stealing a vote from someone else who is informed. If you feel you must go vote, vote for someone like Bob Barr, that psychopath Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party, or perpetual candidate Ralph Nader.

I have been paying attention, and I'm sick of hearing about the "undecided voter." I don't understand the undecided voter when the differences between the candidates are so huge.

I voted today, and I feel very good about it.

October 3, 2008

Great videos on the great bailout of 2008

I just escaped my Countrywide Sub-Prime mortgage for a fixed-rate mortgage with Wells Fargo at 6.5%. And I don't have a spectacular credit score either. Affecting main-street? Not on my street.

I called every Texas Congresscritter and Representative and told them I would actively campaign against anyone that votes in favor of HR1424. And yes, that includes both Cornyn & Hutchison, who I voted for and gave money to. Not again.

I was ignored, and I won't forget!

September 25, 2008

Sarah who, said what?

Sarah who? I think I've seen this moron before, but I'm not sure where. Here she is "endorsing" B. Hussein Obama with a healthy dose of profanity, racism, and moronic logic: (h/t The Superficial)

Best quote:

Don't use fact. Use threats!

Indeed. When attempting to convince a member of The Greatest Generation ever to vote for B. Hussein Obama, it's best not to use the facts. I totally agree. Trying to use the facts is likely to end in failure against someone with even half a brain. Best to stick to lies, threats, and intimidation. Oh ... and profanity.

September 12, 2008

Matt Damon speaks about Governor Palin

I heard that Matt Damon was interviewed in Canada recently and he took that as an opportunity to talk about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Here's the video:

This resulted in a couple mentions on the Internet tubes and a follow-up interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

You saw it here first folks.

July 2, 2008

Black singer smears the National Anthem

From Denver Post:

As Denver dignitaries gathered today for Mayor John Hickenlooper's State of the City address, City Council President Michael Hancock introduced singer Rene Marie to perform the national anthem. But that's not what she did.

Instead, Marie performed the song "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing," which also is known as the "black national anthem."

Let's see someone try that kind of shit here in Texas. I would have booed loudly. If my booing was met with resistance, I would have booed louder, or tossed a drink on stage. They should fine her for disturbing the peace, inciting a riot, or hate speech. We know how much the libs loooove hate speech.

She later admitted that she lied to the event organizers when she told them she would sing the Star Spangled Banner. They mayor said that she was "apologetic," but I'm sure it was along the lines of "I'm sorry if anyone was offended" and not an apology for lying to the event organizers and smearing the Star Spangled Banner.

Even at Wattstax in 1974, they had the common decency to sing the Star Spangled Banner, followed by Lift Every Voice And Sing. Everyone sat down in protest of course during the National Anthem, but they did sing it, which I think was a reasonable protest.

h/t: Michelle Malkin

I found a YouTube of someone singing the song in it's original Wattstax glory. Check it out after the jump. I'm working on a youtube of the performance in Denver. Stay tuned.

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June 5, 2008

The real B. Hussein Obama

A friend of mine sent me this great video full of facts about the real B. Hussein Obama.

Part I:

Part II:

Stuffed shirts and landslides

I keep reading about how the liberals believe that the B. Hussein Obama is here to save the world, and is going to win in a landslide against the war hero John McCain. B. Hussein Obama is not going to win in a landslide in November, and here are the reasons why:

  • We still haven't witnessed the bloodbath of the DNC Convention. How much will that hurt?
  • National polls show them evenly split. Landslide? Not hardly.
  • B. Hussein Obama is black. The democratic party is the same party that voted to keep slavery, count the black race as 3/5 of a person, and has active KKK members sitting in congress today. That anti-black sentiment is still felt by living Democrats today, and will not disappear before November. There are democrats who will simply not vote for a black man.
  • Obamessiah has never won a contested election. Don't take my word for it, look it up.
  • We haven't seen VP selections yet. Rumors are flying around that John McCain may pick Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his VP. Remember all those Clinton voters clamoring for a woman in the Presidency? (Having a newborn would be a happy bonus)
  • Socialized healthcare doesn't work. It doesn't work in Canada, France, UK, Germany ... it doesn't work anywhere it has been tried, and Americans know it.
  • Raising taxes and increasing spending is not the way out of a recession, if we are truly in one. Americans know this too, and aren't buying it.
  • Obambi has renounced his Christian faith. How will he fight the rumors that he is a sleeper Muslim now that he is no longer a Christian? (I can hear the apologizers now ... "He's still Christian ... just not part of that awful church" I don't buy it.)
  • Appeasement has never worked when dealing with dictators and their puppets. Has Obammessiah actually said which part of Iran's political structure he wants to "negotiate" with? Does he want to talk to Khamenei or Imadinnerjacket?
  • Obamba is un-patriotic, and so is his wife. Will America elect someone so un-American over a decorated POW war hero? I believe not. (Some call the pledge gaffe a one-time misstep. I believe he was showing his true feelings)
  • Obamessiah has no true working plan to keep America safe. No amount of appeasement, happy speeches, or feel-good legislation is going to change the perception of America in the world. Refusing to deploy troops or use our defensive weapons only puts us in a position of weakness that encourages direct attacks by our enemies. How exactly are we "giving Iraqi's their country back" by abandoning them before the job is done?

Once the GOP gets its arms around picking Obama apart, the race will widen up. People seem to forget that John McCain has more cross-over appeal that the most liberal senator could ever dream of. The true conservatives in America may not like John McCain 100%, but he's far better than Obamessiah and only mildly liberal. The only candidate in danger of winning by a landslide is John McCain.

March 12, 2008

Credit scores for illegal aliens

From Glenbrook PaymentNews:

Experian has announced the launch of Emerging Credit Score, a new credit scoring tool developed with eBureau designed to assist lenders in evaluating the creditworthiness of unbanked and underbanked consumers.

For those not in-the-know, "unbanked" and "underbanked" are PC terms for illegal aliens and other Americans who operate in that gray underworld where either your job, criminal enterprise, or immigration status put you at odds with law enforcement. The banks have been wrestling with finding ways to separate these people from their money in much the same manner that they do to those of us who obey the law and pay our taxes. The first step was coming up with the term of "unbanked" and "underbanked" in an effort to sanitize this group of people and separate them from their dubious legality.

One of the consequences of allowing illegal immigration to go unchecked is that there are untold thousands/millions of people who all use Social Security Numbers from a much smaller pool of available numbers. I have read reports that some single Social Security Numbers are being used simultaneously by thousands of people. The problem for the banks in this scenario is, how do we calculate a credit score? If thousands of people are all using the same identity, how do we tell them apart? Experian's answer is to create a whole new model for scoring the criminal underworld.

Maybe this will turn into a new way to build yourself a new credit score. If you have a poor credit rating, or just don't care anymore, you can sell your identity into the human smuggling networks and after you have built up a large enough cadre of people using your identity, you effectively become someone new. And Experian will give you a new credit score in their new "Emerging Credit Score" system. They should have called it Phoenix ... it would be far more fitting.

September 21, 2007

Logan Airport Refuses to Honor The Threat

This woman should be dead:

BOSTON - An MIT student wearing what turned out to be a fake bomb was arrested at gunpoint Friday at Logan International Airport and later claimed it was artwork, officials said.

Star Simpson, 19, had a computer circuit board and wiring in plain view over a black hooded sweat shirt she was wearing, said State Police Maj. Scott Pare, the commanding officer at the airport.

The port authority did the right thing, and the troopers failed to properly honor the threat:
A Massachusetts Port Authority staffer manning an information booth in the terminal became suspicious when Simpson — wearing the device — approached to ask about an incoming flight, Pare said. Simpson then walked outside, and the information booth attendant notified a nearby trooper.

The trooper, joined by others with submachine guns, confronted her at a traffic island in front of the terminal.

"She was immediately told to stop, to raise her hands and not to make any movement, so we could observe all her movements to see if she was trying to trip any type of device," Pare said. "Had she not followed the protocol, we might have used deadly force."

The emphasis is mine. Notice he said, "might have used deadly force." Might have? My question is, why didn't they? Had that been a jihadist determined to enter paradise by killing the infidels at the airport, as soon as he saw the troopers, that bomb would have detonated. Game over. That's their goal. Walk into a crowded place, find the infidels (bonus points for law enforcement or military) and blow yourself up.

Those troopers should have shot her, made sure she was dead, and immediately locked down the airport. The media should spend the next two weeks discussing it over and over again. Get the message out ... If you show up in a US airport with a bomb strapped to your back, you will be shot on-site. Period.

Honor The Threat.

UPDATE: WizBang! Blog has weighed in on the issue, with a link to MoonBattery, and has even highlighted the same arguments that made it into the comments here. Cassy looks at this as just another "Attention Whore" looking for attention, but does pose the question of "what if" Star had been a true Jihadist:

It isn't fear mongering for police to take something like this seriously. She may well have simply been a stupid kid, but what is the alternative? What if she hadn't just been some stupid kid and really did have a bomb, but police just looked at her and thought, "Oh, that's just some kid being stupid?"


July 9, 2007

Bring On The SysAdmins

Watch the whole thing ... It's absolutely brilliant. Thanks to Silfray Hraka

July 6, 2007

Emaciated Lesbians 4 Hillary

YouTube - Hott4Hill feat. Taryn Southern

June 29, 2007

Please God No ... Obama Girl Stinks Up Wallstrip

The "Barely Political" morons made an appearance on Wallstrip to "teach Lindsay" about "going viral." I have absolutely no clue what this has to do with Oakley and Luxottica merging ... but if you read Howard Lindzon's blog, it's merely a cheap ploy to get hits.

Listen Lindsay ... You don't need to whore yourself to get people to watch Wallstrip. We like you just the way you are. And if Wallstrip devolves into yet another cesspool of left-wing propaganda, it would really piss me off.

June 27, 2007

O'Reilly Smeared by Boulder High School Supporters

Some pinhead named Jesse Lange attempted to "show the hypocrisy" of Bill O'Reilly last week on the O'Reilly Factor, and is getting all sorts of praise from the whacked-out left for it:

O'Reilly was right when he said the quote was taken out of context. Google Books has the O'Reilly Factor for Kids in their system, and you can click that link to read this on page 67:

You're telling me that the best athletes, the most active leaders, and the most original students in your school are smoking marijuana? Most are not. Like many of you, they may have experimented - they may enjoy toking on Saturday nights at a party. but these people are rocking your teenage world because they are motivated, healthy, and hard-working kids the majority of the time. Like a brain surgeon who drinks a martini when he's not on call, the successful kids in your school may smoke pot on occasion, but they are not stoners.

Most kids who smoke marijuana say they can stop anytime.

Stop right now.

You know what I always say: Don't do things that prevent success.

That's the part that pinhead Jesse failed to quote on Bill's show. If you read the book, it's obvious that Bill is taking kids through the various pro-drug propaganda, and showing the fallacy of each and every misconception.

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June 25, 2007

One More Push To Stop Shamnesty Bill

Bruce @ Gay Patriot
echoes the call to contact your senators TODAY and urge them to stop the Kennedy-McCain-Bush amnesty bill:

The “swing Senators” appear to be Burr (R-NC), Bond (R-MO), Ensign (R-NV), Cochran (R-MS), Hatch (R-UT) and Coleman (R-MN). If you live in any of those states, you have a duty as an American citizen to stop this sell-out of legal Americans in favor of amnesty for law-breakers. I can personally vouch that the phone line is continuously busy this morning in the office of US Senator Richard Burr of NC!

Call your United States Senator NOW.

June 15, 2007

Sick of Obama Girl

It's been a while since I've posted ... My apologies for that ...

I am really sick and tired of all the Obama Girl coverage. Two girls make an uber campy video love-letter to Barack Hussein Obama, and now they are getting tons of media coverage.

Check out the comments at Hot Air. It's as if the reader of Hot Air have completely ignored everything Michelle Malkin has been saying about misogynistic attitudes towards women, and went straight to making comments about her boobs. Seriously people ... it's a campy "love-letter" video, and compared to some of the other crap that ends up on youtube, it's pretty tame.

I guess people are just hungry to talk about anything other than Paris Hilton going back to jail.

UPDATE: Check out this unhinged post over at TMQ2. Relax bro ... relax ...

April 11, 2007

NRA Starts Chipping Away at Rudy

When I started hearing the first rumblings of a Rudy Giuliani Presidential campaign, I said one thing ... "He won't survive the NRA" ...

According to a new post on NRA-ILA today pointing to an article at TownHall by Jacob Sullum discussing Rudy's weak support of the 2nd amendment.

It's about time Rudy's weak support of one of our most important rights is coming to the forefront. I can only hope that this attention will focus as we get closer to the primaries. If the NRA launches a full-blown anti-Rudy campaign, he surely won't survive.

I think a lot of Conservatives are still waiting for a -*real*- conservative candidate to step forward. I've sent a small amount of money to Mitt Romney's campaign, but stopped the moment I heard about Fred Thompson. I agree with Kim Priestap @ Wizbang! and Allahpundit @ HotAir that his revelation of cancer today is a strong sign he is going to run.

April 6, 2007

The utter disgrace of Britain

I couldn't agree with the General more. I had the same feelings watching Under Seige. The scene where the sailors are being led into the Forecastle of the ship, and one man fights back. The "bad guy" dumps about 15 rounds out of his MP5 to kill him, and his buddies just stand there. WTF? Only one brave sailor in the bunch? WTF!!!

The same thing happened this time, only there wasn't a single brave sailor on the British ship. Not one. It is a prime example of just how weak Britain has become, which is sure to only get worse. It's evident in how Britain is re-writing history, banishing playground games, setting child molesters free ... It's sad really ... very sad.

January 12, 2007

Mike Nifong Asks To Be Recused From Duke Rape Case

It's about damn time.

DA in Duke Rape Case Asks to be Taken off Case

ABC News Law & Justice Unit

District Attorney Mike Nifong has requested that he have himself removed from prosecuting the Duke Lacrosse rape investigation, ABC News has learned.

A source close to the investigation said Nifong sent a letter to North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper asking his office to assume responsibility of the case.Calls to the Attorney General's office and Mike Nifong's office were not yet returned.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Nifong has botched this case from day 1. I hope the ethics charges against Nifong end up removing him from the courtroom for good.

November 8, 2006

Time to pay the piper

My predictions yesterday were hit and miss, with the big miss being the Republican loss of the House, and potential loss of the Senate, pending outcome of two more elections (and recounts most likely.) This is not to mention the recounts that will probably happen in Virginia, and the massive absentee ballots that have to be counted in Maryland. Steele is holding on to hope, but we will have to wait and see.

Everyone in the world with a blog is putting up their take on everything. Some good places to look are: Wizbang!, Radio Equalizer, Hot Air, LGF ... There's a bunch. Here's my $.02

The Republicans have lost their way, and forgot to pay the piper. The piper showed up and trotted off enough voters to jump off the cliff and put Nancy Pelosi into the speaker's chair. As others are saying, it's time for the GOP to get back to it's roots, and regain their lost values.

I'm not worried. As a couple others are saying, I believe this loss will make it easier in 2008 for a fresh, popular Republican candidate to retain the Presidency. The dems made lots of promises in this campaign, and as Baldwin put it " ... it's fuck or walk ..." time for the dems. Now it's their term to hold up to all their insane promises, and suffer the consequences. It's really a lose-lose situation for them. If they don't proceed with Bush impeachment, investigations, subpoenas, withdrawal from Iraq, and everything else they promised, the gains will be short-lived.

Many of the seats the dems gained this election were the direct results of scandals and other gaffes. That won't be true in 2008, and if the Republicans can get back to their core values, these seats will come right back.

I heard one commenter from the Institute for Politics this morning on Fox News comment that he was glad the dems won, because it would mean political gridlock, and less government action. That's a very valid point. The dems have set the bar extremely low for what kind of obstructionist behavior is acceptable to stop legislation, and if the Republicans sink even part of the way down to their level, nothing will get accomplished. If you couple that with the incredible unlikelihood that the dems could gather enough votes to overwrite a Presidential veto, and you get a lot of noise, but very little action.

The dems may be able to put on a good show for the next two years, but I wouldn't count on many of their agendas actually having any real impact in the direction of the nation.

November 7, 2006

My election day prediction

Online punduts are throwing out their election day predictions, so here is mine. If I'm wrong, I'll leave it up for all to see, but I think I will be close.

Republicans keep the House and the Senate. The write-in campaign will work for Shelley Sekula-Gibbs in Texas-22, Tom Delay's seat. Enough Republicans will punch Foley for Negron, and Negron will take Florida-16. Steele will take Maryland over Cardin. Talent will narrowly defeat McCaskill, and Corker will dominate Ford.

The Senate is a lock, but I think we are going to just squeak by in the House. The thing that's going to suck the most is the lawsuits that are sure to follow ... The ads will be gone from the televisions, but the overblown legal drama will take their place.

November 1, 2006

Troops Ask John Kerry For Help

A group of un-educated, illiterate, retards serving in Iraq has asked waffles for help:

Halp us!

h/t: equable @ LGF

October 27, 2006

Youtube collection of Republican campaign videos

Over at Right Wing News, they have a good round-up of YouTube videos of the various Senate and House political races.  This was put together in an effort to respond to the recent GoogleBomb campaign cooked up by the moonbats at MyDD (no link for you).  Additional coverage at LGF and Michelle Malkin.


Connecticut: Ned Lamont
Maryland: Ben Cardin
Maryland: Ben Cardin
Missouri: Claire McCaskill
Missouri: Claire McCaskill
Michigan: Debbie Stabenow
Montana: Jon Tester
Ohio: Sherrod Brown
Pennsylvania: Bob Casey
Tennessee: Harold Ford
Tennessee: Harold Ford
New Jersey: Bob Menendez
Virginia: James Webb


(AZ-5): Harry Mitchell
(AZ-08): Gabrielle Giffords
(CO-07): Ed Perlmutter
(CT-04): Diane Farrell
(CT-05): Chris Murphy
(FL-16): Tim Mahoney
(GA-03): Jim Marshall
(GA-12): John Barrow
(IA-01): Bruce Braley
(IL-06): Tammy Duckworth
(IL-17): Phil Hare
(IN-08): Brad Ellsworth
(IN-09): Baron Hill
(NC-13): Brad Miller
(NH-02): Paul Hodes
(NM-01): Patricia Madrid
(NY-20): Kirsten Gillibrand
(NY-24): Michael Arcuri
(NY-29): Eric Massa
(OH-15): Mary Jo Kilroy
(OH-18): Zack Space
(PA-07): Joe Sestak
(PA-10): Chris Carney
(PA-08): Patrick Murphy
(PA-12): John Murtha
(VA-02): Phil Kellam
(WA-8): Darcy Burner
(WI-08): Steve Kagen

October 23, 2006

New video - The Tax Man Cometh

H/T: Wizbang!

October 20, 2006

Why should you vote in November? Two words: President Pelosi

Kim Priestap has an
article up at Wizbang!
details the Democrats plan to censure and impeach both President Bush and Vice President Chaney. This article is a must-read for any conservative/traditionalist/Republican who is thinking of sitting out this election.

Kim quotes the following from an article at Lawhawk:

Think I'm kidding? They've already introduced H.Res 635 (complete with 37 Democrat cosponsors) to investigate articles of impeachment, H.Res. 636 (18 cosponsors) to censure President Bush, and H.Res. 637 to censure Vice President Cheney.

What's the end game? President Pelosi most likely. This comes from article 2, section 1 of the US constitution:

In Case of the Removal of the President from Office, or of his Death, Resignation, or Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office, the same shall devolve on the Vice President, and the Congress may by Law provide for the Case of Removal, Death, Resignation or Inability, both of the President and Vice President, declaring what Officer shall then act as President, and such Officer shall act accordingly, until the Disability be removed, or a President shall be elected.

This means that should the President and Vice President both be successfully removed from office, that Congress can enact a law designating which officer of Congress shall act as President until a new President is elected. If the Democrats control Congress, you can guess who would want that job ... Speaker Pelosi.

The last major actions on the bills listed above was in December of 2005. This isn't a new idea, and Democrats like Howard Dean will even lie straight-faced to the Washington Post, ABC News while Kerry is out bragging that if the Dems take the House in 2006, Bush is as good as gone.

So the Democrats don't agree with the Bush policies ... that's fine ... that's why we have two parties. But to go as far as they have, and then to lie about it straight-faced to the American people ... that's just going too far.

I for one will cast my vote the day early voting opens here in Texas, that you can count on.

October 12, 2006

Prop 4 Fortune Cookie Update

It looks like the Statesman has published a story on the Austin proposition 4 fortune cookie political ads that I covered over a week ago.

The Statesman reports:

Ronald Cheng, owner of a local Chinatown restaurant, concocted the cookie idea based on his support for the proposal's inclusion of $5 million for an Asian American resource center.

According to the Statesman article, the prop 4 fortune cookies cost an extra $240.00, which was paid by S&L Warehouse, a proposition 4 supporter. The article also reports that many restaurants that received the cookies were unaware of the message inside.

Tim Sorrels, deputy commisioner of the had this to say:

We've never looked at this, so I can't say the law is crystal clear

Maybe there is more to this than I initially thought ... I'll post any updates as I find them. I may have voted for prop 4 out of simple ignorance, but now that I know what it is, I don't support. Austin has more public and private support for the arts than any city I have ever lived in, and I see no reason to throw another $35M of city tax dollars at projects with limited minority appeal.

October 3, 2006

Fortune cookies as political ads

I ate at the Buffet Palace today at 183 & Lamar, and on the back of my fortune cookie, instead of Lotto numbers, it read:

Vote Nov. 7 for Prop 4 Invest in Austin's Creative Community

No mention of who paid for this political ad, what Prop 4 is, or anything else. I googled around a bit and found a website that talks about Prop 4 (No free bandwidth for you).

As far as I can tell, it's about $32 Million for a whole bunch of minority art projects.

Putting the whole issue of the merit of Prop 4 (which I oppose) aside, I do believe you are required to indicate who paid for a particual political advertisement.

I am going to look into this more ... I may post a scan of it later tonight.

UPDATE: It's legit. Look for yourself over at:

I wrote an email in to the PAC that's supporting prop 4, and have been told that they didn't sponsor the fortune cookies, just in case anyone is interested.

My take on Foley - The elephant in the room

Over at Wizbang! they are covering the breaking story from the Washington Times asking for Dennis Hastert's resignation over the Foley gay pedophile scandal. I think the problem is much deeper than Hastert, and here's why.

Over the past several decades we have had it beat into our head that being homosexual, and being attracted to boys is normal. Gay men act ... gay ... and we should accept it. This has been so beat into our heads that when a flamboyant Senator chases after teenage boys after they have left the page program, we are pre-programmed to look the other way, and let them be. Oh ... he's just being gay ... I'm not gay, and I don't understand it, so I'll just let him be gay ... I don't want to be labeled a homophobe ...

Gay men are the elephant in the romper room. People need to know that if you see an openly gay man being just a little bit too friendly, it's OK to do something about it. It doesn't make you a homophobe, it makes you a person who loves children, and will do the right thing to protect them. It's time to get over our political correctness and stop giving passes to gay people for behavior that wouldn't be accepted from straight people.

This isn't a Republican or Democrat or Anarchist or whatever issue ... this is a gay issue. Stop giving gay people a pass, and hold them to the same standards we hold everyone else to.

More coverage at Michelle Malkin's blog and some good commentry from Mary Katherine over at TownHall.

September 29, 2006

Wonkette hits bottom, digs deeper

Looks like things are going so poorly for the libs right now, Wonkette and that moonbat professer of ignorance Eric Muller have resorted to attacking Michelle Malkin over an article she wrote yesterday calling out Charlotte Church for going from wholesome to whore almost overnight. They claim that Michelle is a hypocrit because they have a photo of an Asian woman that may resemble Michelle (which they claim -*is*- Michelle) in a bikini, in a kitchen, wearing a t-shirt half pulled up.

Now ... let's put the whole issue of whether or not the photo is bogus or not on the back burner for a second. What about this photo would make Michelle a hypocrit even if it was real? She is in a kitchen ... wearing a bikini ... Oh ... and her shirt is half pulled up ... What's the problem here folks? Is she doing a line of coke? Chugging a beer bong? Is her bikini top pulled up? .... hmm ... nope ... I don't see what the problem is here.

Michelle didn't criticize Charlotte Church for wearing a bikini and a t-shirt half off did she? Nope. She criticized Charlotte for changing from a wholesome, respectable woman, to the exact opposite. If Charlotte had alwyas been a complete waste of humanity, we would come to expect it. What is at issue here is that she went from being wholesome, to something opposite.

And lets just suppose for one minute that the bikini photo is real, and that it's worse. Wouldn't the fact that Michelle is now a very respectable woman who has made herself -*better*- make her more of an example of how one can improve themselves, rather than waste away as Charlotte has? I think so.

And you know what Michelle's response will be to all of this ... Lan astaslem.

September 25, 2006

Dumb & Dumber


If only we could get Grandma to join the picture, the dumbshit trifecta would be complete. Kinky has decided to team with Jessie Ventura in an effort to breathe life into his dead-on-arrival run for Governor, partially in response to criticism over a racist comment he made over a year ago when he said that rapists should be put into prison and forced to"listen to a Negro talking to himself." He was also accused of racism when he called the Katrina evacuees in Texas "crackheads and thugs." Considering the fact that his new pal looks like a crackhead thug, Kinky should think before calling the kettle black, or at least own up to being a bigot.

His comments don't bother me ... what bothers me is the pass he gets in the media. Can you imagine the fallout if Perry had said this? People would be marching in front of the capital demanding his resignation, criminal charges, and lawsuits. Kinky gets a couple questions where he responds by basically saying "it's a joke ... get over it" and everyone just accepts it and forgets it ever happened.

I'm just sick of this two-faced bullshit from Kinky. He tries to play both sides of the political fence, ensuring he would have zero political allies if he was elected as Governor. How could he ever get either party to back any initiative when he would be constantly on the TV calling people names, making jokes, and talking trash about both parties. The truth is he would be the lamest duck in the history of politics.

And don't even get me started on the cigar thing ... Freud is often credited as saying "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" but I think that sometimes a cigar is a penis. Considering Kinky's position on gay marriage, I would believe the latter.

Yahoo! has more photos of the dipshit twins in action if you need a good laugh.

September 16, 2006

New Terrorist Video

There is a new terrorist video unlike any of the unspeakable horrors that have been previously released. This video is a must see for everyone, regardless of your political leanings. We have the video available here.

September 6, 2006

Big Speech From President Bush

President Bush just finished another speech about the GWOT and revealed a few bombshells:

* The secret CIA detainee program is real, and is lawful
* Several key people involved in 9/11, USS Cole, and African Embassy attacks having been previously held by the CIA have now been transferred to Gitmo
* CIA program and associated interrogations have help stop several terror plots in the US and UK
* All CIA detainees have either been released back to their home countries for prosecution, transferred to Gitmo, or released. (Fox News just reported that 14 high-value suspects have been transferred to Gitmo from the CIA program)
* CIA program will remain in place for future detaining
* President Bush has not authorized torture, will not authorize torture, and does not support it. (Referred to McCain ammendment #1977)
* The US Army is issuing new field manuals today to interrogators with new interrogation rules
* Called on Congress to enact law to protect interrogators from Geneva Convention article 3 lawsuits, specifically authorize interrogators under article 3, and define legal interrogation techniques

Additional coverage over at Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, LGF, Wizbang!, and Protein Wisdom.

I'm waiting for a transacript to go up, and when I find it, I'll post an update.

UPDATE: Full transcript up on The White House Website

August 23, 2006

The Roe Effect

A blog post over at Wizbang! reminded me of an article I read last July at the Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal site about a phenomenon the author called "The Roe Effect" brought on by the Roe v. Wade decision. The author opines:

Compounding the GOP advantage is what I call the Roe effect. It is a statement of fact, not a moral judgment, to observe that every pregnancy aborted today results in one fewer eligible voter 18 years from now. More than 40 million legal abortions have occurred in the United States since 1973, and these are not randomly distributed across the population. Black women, for example, have a higher abortion ratio (percentage of pregnancies aborted) than Hispanic women, whose abortion ratio in turn is higher than that of non-Hispanic whites. Since blacks vote Democratic in far greater proportions than Hispanics, and whites are more Republican than Hispanics or blacks, ethnic disparities in abortion ratios would be sufficient to give the GOP a significant boost--surely enough to account for George W. Bush's razor-thin Florida victory in 2000.

That's a rather chilling thought. We are talking about human lives here, and it is a scientific fact that since the decision in 1973, there are fewer people on the planet than there -*would*- have been if the decision had gone the other way. Think about that for a second. That's not a maybe, or a could have been, that's a hard fact. One supreme court decision resulted in the loss of 40 million human lives. That's a hard thing to think about, regardless of which way you feel about abortion.

The article goes on to show how this has affected minorities harder than Whites. If you think about how it could play out in the long-run, with pro-Abortion people having fewer and fewer children, the country will eventually become less liberal simply through atrition. The evidence of this is already evident in the numbers shown in this OpinionJournal article on the fertility gap between liberals and conservatives.

Missing Fox Crew - Blogburst

Still no new word on the missing Fox News reporter and cameraman kidnapped in Gaza by Hamas thugs. I heard a quick mention and plea for their release last night on Fox on the drive home. I didn't hear anything on Fox & Friends, but it was time for the "good news" when I was listening, so they get a pass from me. I can't imagine what their families are going through, not knowing what happened, and not hearing any new information. My only hope is that Fox is negotiating with the thugs, and is keeping a tight lid on things as part of the bargain.

Michelle Malkin has called for a blogburst to give their story the attention it deserves. Time to pile on people.

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August 21, 2006

Bug the Loose Lips and Plug the Leak

I was reading a blog post from Michelle Malkin today which gave me a great idea. According to the Plaintiffs in the TSP lawsuit against the US Gov., the Plaintiffs who had previously been able to freely contact numerous known terrorists are no longer able to contact those people because the TSP is now public news. I think we should use that to our advantage.

Since these people have now admitted in court depositions to be known associates of terrorists, I think we have a case to go to FISA for full wire-tap warrants on the Plaintiffs. We can use the legal pleadings filed in court as evidence that should provide more than reasonable cause for a basically limitless wire-tap warrant against these journalists, and maybe even anyone they work with. All we have to do then is to "let it leak" that the TSP has been stopped dead in it's tracks by the Bush administration as a result of the recent ruling.

Problem solved. The terrorists start colaborating with the NYT, and others, and we get a new source of intelligence that even the staunchest of moonbats can't take away. Brilliant!

August 8, 2006

More Evidence in Favor of Personal Responsibility Law

An article in Wired News today has confirmed my idea that what America needs today is a personal responsibility law. The Wired article talks about a case that was overturned today where a family was awarded $135M to be paid by a company named Aramark that served alcohol at a 1999 Giants football game. The Plaintiff's argue that Aramark was at fault for continuing to serve beer to Daniel Lanzaro, after which he continued to drink at two more bars before crashing into a car which 2-year-old Antonia Verni was riding in, paralyzing her from the neck down for life.

Don't get me wrong here ... I'm not defending the actions of a drunk driver ... quite the opposite. I think the drunk driver is the person at fault here, and Lanzaro should be held accountable, not the company that sold him the beer. Lanzaro is the one who continued to drink. Lanzaro is the one who got behind the wheel and almost killed that little girl. What about Lanzaro's friends? Was he alone at the game? Why not sue the friends? What about the car manufacturer? Shouldn't they have put safeguards into the car to prevent Lanzaro from driving drunk? What about the police? Shouldn't they have setup a roadblock outside of the game to screen for drunks? Where does it end? If you ask me, it ends where it started. With the drunk asshole who almost killed a girl, paralyzing her for life. It ends with him.

I think that instead of turning America into a euro-weenie nanny state, we should go the opposite way. We need to bring back responsibility, and I think America needs a personal responsibility law. You kill someone driving drunk, you pay the price, not the bar. You build a bomb and blow it up, you pay the price, not Home Depot. You go postal with a gun and kill people, you pay the price, not Winchester. It's very simple folks. You're reponsible for your own actions, and you alone are responsible for making restitution to society. Period. You fold your baby up in a baby stroller, it's not the companies fault for not putting a warning label on the stroller. You're an idiot, and you're responsible. It's that simple.

July 17, 2006

Digg This: Conservative Digg Mania

Michelle Malkin is on the Digg bandwagon. She has added Digg buttons to all of the posts on her blog. It has inspired me to do the same. A few quick changes to my MT templates, and there they are. You should recognize the Digg icon down there right next to the permalink and such.

I was starting starting to get annoyed with the politics that kept showing up on Digg, but with the most recent software release, they now have their own category. Even so, politics still manages to find it's way on to the main technology page when some dim-wit liberal makes an over-reaching analogy. Just because someone running for Senate has a podcast does not mean that a link to his campaign website goes in the technology section. Now that there is a dedicated politics category, it's time for us conservatives to take over! Digg the conservatives!

It's not proper "Netiquette" to Digg yourself, so do me a favor and Digg this post!

BTW -> I got the first of my T-Shirts in today. Check it out beneath the fold.

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Rally For Israel

Pamela from Atlas Shrugs, you can view some good pics from the Pro-Israel rally today in NYC. It's too bad I had to be in NYC last week ... They had lots of media, lots of people, and yet no coverage in the MSM. Hmm ... Muslims riot against cartoons and you get wall-to-wall coverage. People stand up and peacefully march to support Israel ... can you hear the crickets?

There was even a "contingency of lefties, whackjobs, terror lovers"

Head over to Atlas Shrugged for tons of good photos and coverage.

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July 12, 2006

Israel! F@#$ Yeh!

Comin' again to save the motherf@#$in day yeh! Israel is on the march into Gaza. And as Kim Priestap reports from an article by Carl In Jerusalem, perhaps it's two years late ... probably more if you ask me. According to the article, Israel will declare war tonight after taking casualties in the North as well as having soldiers captured. The first thing through my mind was the theme from Team America: World Police. We need a remix ... Israel! F@#$ Yeh!

June 28, 2006

SCOTUS Upholds Texas Redistricting w/ Caveat

The Supreme Court Of The United States today upheld a lower court ruling regarding the 2003 Texas congressional districts changes designed by Tom Delay and implemented by Texas Republicans. Read the ruling here on the SCOTUS website.

One of the interesting things I noted in the dissenting opinion on District 23 is this:

Of the individuals removed from District 23, 90 percent of those of voting age were Latinos, and 87 percentvoted for Democrats in 2002. Id., at 489. The District Court concluded that these individuals were removed because they voted for Democrats and against Bonilla, not because they were Latino.

This is important. One of the major claims was that this district was sliced and diced on the basis of race, not political affiliation or voting patterns. The majority opinion lays out the "so called Gingles requirements":

(1) the racial group is "suffi-ciently large and geographically compact to constitute a majority in a single-member district"; (2) the racial group is "politically cohesive"; and (3) the majority "vot[es] sufficiently as a bloc to enable it . . . usually to defeat the minority's preferred candidate." Johnson v. De Grandy, 512 U. S. 997, 1006-1007 (1994) (quoting Growe, 507 U. S., at 40 (in turn quoting Thornburg v. Gingles, 478 U. S. 30, 50-51 (1986))).

More after the jump ...

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June 26, 2006

Canadian Conservative Government Aims to End Worthless Gun Registry

The new conservative government has proposed several bills, one of which aims to halt the worthless and infamous Canadian Gun Registry. According to an article from the Boston Globe, this comes at the behest of liberals in Canada that still believe the registry has some kind of positive effect against crime and doesn't trample on any legal Canadians rights. I think it's a positive step in the right direction. With the recent UN anti-gun rallies happening on July 4th (gee ... what a coincidence) in New York, it couldn't come at a better time. Here are some basic facts:

* Initial cost estimate: $119 million
* Current cose estimate: $2 billion
* Current estimated income from registry fees: $140 million
* Criminals convicted as a result of registry: 0

It's that last statistic that makes you wonder just what else they could have done with $2 billion that would have resulted in at least 1 convicted criminal ... Maybe some new equipment for the RCMP ... just about anything would have provided more than 0 arrests

June 17, 2006

I Am An Ultra-Hyper Patriot

I'm an ultra hyper-patriot. There ... I've said it ... I love this country ... Apparently, some people don't agree with me. Take the moronic Dixie Chicks' latest comments for example:

"A lot of pandering started going on, and you'd see soldiers and the American flag in every video. It became a sickening display of ultra-patriotism."

"The entire country may disagree with me, but I don't understand the necessity for patriotism," Maines resumes, through gritted teeth. "Why do you have to be a patriot? About what? This land is our land? Why? You can like where you live and like your life, but as for loving the whole country... I don't see why people care about patriotism."

More coverage on the Dixie Chicks moonbattery at Wizbang! and Michelle Malkin's.

Why are we so hyper patriotic? Because this is the best fucking country in the world, that's why! I can wake up at 3:30am and drive to any one of several 24-HR Walgreens and pickup Insulin, Diet Pepsi, and a Maxim Magazine. Does it get much better than that? Most people just don't realize how good we have it here. Try spending a week in Britain ... Everything closes down at 5:30. Just try to buy a big screen plasma TV at 8:00pm ... It's not happening!

I'm so sick of hearing liberals whining about this and that ... oh ... the government is looking at my phone records ... I have to pay for my own abortion ... I don't want to see that cross anymore that has been up for over a hundred years ... Shut the fuck up! Juxtapose that whining with this story from the escalating violence in Sri Lanka:

The Tigers said they had few details of what had happened, but each side blamed the other for hitting a church that was sheltering civilians. Some 50 civilians were wounded, the military spokesman said, saying rebels had thrown grenades into it as they withdrew.

But rebel media coordinator Daya Master said the military had shelled the church.

You think having to pay for your own abortion sucks? At least the US military doesn't chase people into churches before lobbing hand grenades inside.

May 13, 2006

NSA Call Record Analysis

I have heard enough about the NSA Call Record Analysis program reported by USA Today, and have finally decided to dig into it some more myself. (Is there a -gate meme for this one yet?)

Here's a snippet from the AT&T / SBC Privacy Policy:

We must disclose information, when requested, to comply with court orders or subpoenas. We will also share information when necessary to prevent unlawful use of communications services, when necessary to repair network outages, and when a customer dials 911 and information regarding their location is transmitted to a public safety agency.

Notice that second sentence that says "We will also share" ... the key word there is will. This continues as "information when necessary to prevent unlawful use of communications services." This is at AT&T's discretion. It could be easily argued that sharing this data is necessary to prevent unlawful use of communications services. What does this mean? This means that as a customer of AT&T, according to this policy, you have -*given*- AT&T permission to share the data. It says they will share information.

And if that's not enough, read the ruling in Smith v. Maryland 1979, US Supreme Court:

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May 5, 2006

Now It's Rumsfeld Lied, People Died

These moonbats just don't get it. There was credible evidence that Saddam had WMD's, and we've even found some. That's not to mention that a condition of the cease-fire from the first Iraq war (anyone remember that? We had UN permission to depose Saddam that time) was that Saddam stop all WMD programs. That means, all he had to do to be in violation was to have one WMD capable scientist on staff. Oh, and Iraq signed that one. Let's not forget the other conditions of surrender ... like the moonbats favorite one "human rights." It boggles my mind how such bleeding heart liberals would stand up for such a vile person as Saddam Hussein, and the terrorists he supported. Michelle Malkin has more on the latest heckling of Rumsfeld. Give 'em hell Rummy!

May 2, 2006

National Boycott, the Aftermath

As I look over the desolate landscape that Texas has become. The rolling hills littered with beer cans and Taco Bell wrappers. I reflect on what the boycott was all about. My Neighbors never made it to any rallies. Instead they could have spent the day playing at the park with their children. Can't really fault them for that can I? Well except they did send their children off to school and spent the day drinking in their back yard. My job sites were vacant of labor. I guess my subcontractors were raising awareness of laborers rights down at the capitol, except I noticed several of them had boats attached to their trucks as they drove by.

I wonder if the illegals remember why they snuck across the border in the first place. Mexico was such a fun place to live, work and raise a family. They only came over here for the money, is what I have heard time after time on the television. So I have an follow me on this one.

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May 1, 2006

National Day of Boycott

God Bless America where even those who come to this country illegally are allowed to express their opinions in non-violent demonstrations. Stand up for your or what would be your rights if you joined instead of tagged along. On this memorable day as I sit in my office attempting to build houses and improve our economy lets thank those who really are doing well today, or better yet tomorrow. The Press. I guarantee that newspapers around the country will be sold out tomorrow as Pablo and Paco attempt to find their picture on page 11B where they were flipping the bird at the camera.

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April 27, 2006

A sensible approach to immigration

Kim Priestap over at Wizbang! wrote up a piece discussing Newt Gingrich's proposed approach to the immigration problem in America today. Check out Kim's piece for a good analysis, and then go read the full piece from Newt. It's no wonder that Newt Gingrich lead the conservative revolution in 1994. This is the exact kind of solution that conservatives are looking for. First, secure the border. Second, ensure that the people assimilate into the melting pot. Third, establish stiffer penalties and true enforcement for employers that hire illegals. Once that's done, then sort out details on a sane "guest worker" type program, and paths to citizenship. I think that if the first three steps were successfully executed, the American people would be much more likely to warm up to the idea of guest workers and paths to citizenship. Without that, I don't see any conservatives getting behind any real change.

April 24, 2006

Michell Malkin Releases Some Hot Air

Michelle Malkin has started a new blog called Hot Air. It's a video blog discussing politics from a conservative point-of-view. I think they are filling a much-needed void in the video blogsphere. I am a bit dissapointed that it's not a video podcast. If you're as annoyed with Flash Video players as I am, you can download an MP4 version of their first episode here. Update: Corrected title. My apologies. I'm surprised that an WMV and MP4 version isn't available over at Expose the Left.

April 19, 2006

Presidential Leaks

You keep hearing a lot about the supposed leak of Valerie Plame's super-secret CIA identity. The latest bemoaning from the left is that Bush not only was aware of the leak, but authorized the leak, and is now caught in yet another lie. I think Bush's position on this has been pretty constant. There was no leak, it wasn't confidential, and nothing illegal happened here. The new information from Scooter Libby only supports Bush's previous claim that it wasn't a leak and nothing illegal happend.

What really gets me is that you didn't hear complaining from Democrats when President Clinton leaked letters from Kathleen Willey during one of slick willy's endless sex scandals. You didn't even hear Democrats complain when a federal judge said that "The president committed a criminal violation of the Privacy Act," and that his court "cannot accept or condone this unlawful action."

When a leak defends Clinton from "Legal Jousting," Tom Daschle says "I believe him period." When Bush defends himself against baseless claims about the decision to go to war, Howard Dean says "The fact that the president was willing to reveal classified information for political gain and put the interests of his political party ahead of Americas security shows that he can no longer be trusted to keep America safe." Classic.

April 17, 2006

The Leak

In the past few weeks, it was pointed out that George Bush approved some CIA leaks. The White House is not denying this claim and, if anything, states that the leak was legal. Legal or not, I don't care. If it really was legal, then the White House shouldn't have lied to the American public when the leak issue came up a few years ago and instead should have stood up to the plate and said "yeah, we did it...and it's legal...sorry for any problems this may have caused." Instead, from 2004:

Wednesday, February 11, 2004 Posted: 1:46 AM EST (0646 GMT) WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush said Tuesday he welcomes a Justice Department investigation into who revealed the classified identity of a CIA operative.

"If there's a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is," Bush told reporters at an impromptu news conference during a fund-raising stop in Chicago, Illinois. "If the person has violated law, that person will be taken care of.

"I welcome the investigation. I am absolutely confident the Justice Department will do a good job.

"I want to know the truth," the president continued. "Leaks of classified information are bad things."

But hey, 2004 was an election year...not a good time to be forthcoming, even if it was 'legal'.

April 6, 2006

Judge Recuses Himself Over Pledge Of Allegiance

Sister Toldja chimes in with a story about a Judge who recused himself after a lawyer in his court filed a complaint over the fact that Gwinnett County Majistrate Judge Mark A. Lewis opens each session with the Pledge of Allegiance. The lawyer, Donald Weissman had this to say:

Weissman said he’s concerned that failure to recite the pledge could affect fairness in the courtroom.

“The more I thought about it, the more concerned I became about whether people in the courtroom might perceive some degree of partiality based upon whether your loyalty is to the United States or not,” he said.

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I Brought My Flags - Did You?

Today is bring an American flag to work day. I brought several to work with me. Check out the photos below:

You can find more photos over at Michelle Malkin's blog as well. Update: Wizbang! writer Kim Priestap posts her favorite flag photo.

April 5, 2006

Today's Buzzword: Mexitude

I found a post on Michelle Malkin's blog today that talks about another hysterical school Principal banning the display of American patriotism. Over at Freedom Folks, they are calling it Mexitude.

Mex-i-tude The de facto control of social and political policy by illegal aliens.

Think dhimmitude, but substitute Colorado for Kandahar, and La Raza for The Religion of Peace.

I think they've hit the nail right on the head. In today's society of multicultralism, even showing patriotism for your own country is now taboo. I thought that was the whole point of America. Everyone coming here to be one people. Not Mexican-Americans, African-Americans, etc ... Americans. How many people have you met who call themselves "English-Americans" or "Euro-Americans"? None. Because most immigrants from western countries assimilate, and consider themselves American. That's the point. The melting pot.

Jay Tea over at Wizbang is calling these non-immigrants colonists. Spot on brother, spot on.

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September 23, 2005

Iraqi Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf finds a new job


There are no levee breaches in New Orleans. I repeat, there are no levee breaches in New Orleans. Ignore what you are seeing on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and any other infidel media outlet. They are telling lies, and we will destroy them. Thank you, that will be all.

September 20, 2005

New catchphrase for the 21st Century

Don't get stuck on stupid! That's the new catchphrase coined by Lt. General Russel Honore today during a press conference with New Orleans mayor Nagin. During the press conference, where the mayor was attempting to get details of preparations for Rita, after being berated by reporters about Katrina, Lt. General Honore stepped forward and set the reporters straight. The Political Teen has the video and Radio Blogger has the transcript and an mp3.

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September 19, 2005

Black panthers back

Check out this video from The Political Teen of Minister Hashim Nzinga on Hannity & Colmes today. I thought it would be appropriate to give you all a bit of background on this whacko. It appears he has a very common theme. Reparations for blacks. Don't believe me? Read the 9 local objectives of the New Black Panther Party. And if that's not enough, read their 10 point program. And for another laugh read the membership application where one all important field is missing ... race. And Fox News just gave these asshats a national voice ... thanks

September 14, 2005

New respect for NO mayor Nagin

Check out this video at the Political Teen. Mayor Nagin took it like a man, and accepted his part in reponsibility for failures in the response to Katrina. I now have a refreshed sense of respect for the man that he can stand up and admit when things went wrong. It's definitely a step in the right direction. When will Blanco admit her part?

September 13, 2005

Paul is on a roll

Paul over at WizBang! has been on a roll lately. First, there is this post where Paul attempts to illuminate that personal responsibility should take a priority over reliance on the government. Then there is this news flash where Paul points out the obvious fact that white people were affected by Katrina. Duh!

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